The Dark Lord Plunges Narciso into a Maelstrom of Pain

Nico "Narciso" DeMarco vs Dark Lord, 7 February 2016 (LDN Wrestling)

It's all there in the facial expressions and body language. Young, agile Nico (6'3", 190#), representing the Bologna Wrestling Team, is seemingly helpless in the grip of the Dark Lord (6'3", 238#), who commands the proud babyface for 90% of this February match. The contest marks the Italian's weekend-long debut in the UK, and the 11-minute match puts him through the ringer, almost literally. Happily, the camera of Mathieu Beaury records every last drop of agony for us sickos. But don't write the kid off. He has spunk, perhaps only one lucky break away from turning this match completely around--or, at the very least, making a big impression before going down in flames.


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