Come on, come on, come on, come on
Now touch me, baby
Can't you see that I am not afraid?
"Touch Me" (1968) by The Doors

Max Ryder vs Nero Angelo, #466 (UCW)

Voluptuous Max may be UCW's hottest number yet. Nero won't let an inch of him go to waste. What I and apparently many other fans like about Nero is that he breaks kayfabe on the homoeroticism of wrestling. While other wrestlers still pretend to regard the twisting of nipples or wrestling in jockstraps as hetero, Nero knows it's gay and hot and fun, and he knows we fans know it too. He doesn't have to act straight. He knows Max Ryder is h-o-t, not just "athletic" or "fit."  For Nero, the constant body contact is not a means to an end. He knows (and we know) it is an end in itself.

For me, the chief thrill of wrestling is touch, the rub of skin on skin, the permission to grab, to hold, to clutch, to grind into. No sport is as homoerotic as wrestling. Everybody seems to know it. Still, almost nobody says it out loud, not even at many underground wrestling sites that target gay/bi customers. It's been thought, perhaps, that gay is sexy only when it's not too gay, which basically means not openly gay. Nero calls bullshit on all that. Whether or not they share his openness, his opponents are in on the story too. They know they're being objectified and groped. Gay or straight, they also know there's nothing humiliating about it. They're not just being good sports. They get it. This is fucking hot.


  1. Okay, your post made this a must-buy for me. Thanks for the review, because somehow I missed this one. It was a year ago that I first watched Max and he has come a long way, baby. Nero is fun and way different than I expected.

    1. Enjoy, Alex! Max shakes something loose in me. Can't say what it is, but I'm liking it. Nero is predatory in all the good ways.

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