Wear Your White Trunks, Go Barefoot: It's KVE Day!

Kevin Von Erich vs Buddy Roberts (WCCW)

My wrestling dream came true in 1976 when Kevin Von Erich, born on this day in 1957, debuted as a professional wrestler. The handsome face and chiseled physique told me here was the one I had been waiting for. Before then, my fantasy life was a jumble of After Dark, Joe Weider magazines, and grainy black-and-white images of Championship Wrestling from Florida.

This match against Freebirds-member Buddy Roberts, ca. 1983, captures KVE's appeal--not just his Michelangelesque gorgeousness but also his swagger and sudden, lightning-fast strikes.  The way he worked an opponent on the mat drove me a little crazy. It was like the guy had a private line to my daydreams. Back then nobody did comebacks and comeuppance as powerfully and tastily as Kev. Only Jack Brisco ever did the side headlock as well (both giving and receiving). And his teasing corner mounts offered glimpses of heaven. Kevin and Jack, along with a handful of the guys I wrestled in my 20s and 30s, gave shape to the wrestling fantasies I revisit to this day.

Happy Birthday, Cosmic Cowboy!


  1. Kevin was probably my favorite jobber of his time - he could take a lot of punishment - then explode and return it ten times back to the heel. love his sexy speedos and bear foot. smoking hot muscled bod too

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