36 Views of Stan Hansen

 Stan with Hulk Hogan 

 Stan partnered with Bruiser Brody

 Stan vs Bruno Sammartino

 Stan vs luchador Canek

 Stan with Frank Goodish

 Stan with Freddie Blassie

 Stan vs Genichiro Tenryu

 Stan with Gordon Solie and Tommy "Wildfire" Rich

 Stan with Kuzuchika Okada and Lex Luger
 Luger vs Hansen

 Stan vs Mitsuhara Misawa

 Stan vs Ric Flair

 Stan vs Ricky Morton

 Stan with Shinsuke Nakamura and Harley Race

 Stan with Ted DiBiase

 Stan kayoing Terry Funk

Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (6'4", 321#) is the opposite of almost everything else on this blog, thus my interest, perhaps. He's one of the non-Japanese pioneers of stiff style wrestling, which (according to Wikipedia) he attributes to his poor eyesight. He played the archetypal "violent cowboy who wanted to fight everybody," and to a large extent he did exactly that in a ring career that lasted just over 28 years. He capped off an enviable career in the USA with arguably even greater success and acclaim in Japan, which inspire the snarky title (with apologies to Hokusai) and concept of this post.


  1. Amazing collection. Perfect mix of gifs and stills. I'm curious, where did the video game gif come from?

    1. I found everything on Tumblr, Eli. If you search "Stan Hansen" on Tumblr, you should be able to locate the individual blog sources.

  2. What I love about Hansen is that he doesn't need crazy storylines or fancy gimmicks. He doesn't even need a lot of finishing moves. Just one single larait can knock you out cold.

  3. WOW --- nice tribute here to one of the all time classic shit kickers! Good to see a big old schooll brawler like Hansen featured on Skull Island… (he’s probably appropriate for the “real” Skull Island)


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