A Fifth on the Sixth

Brad Rochelle vs Patrick Donovan, Wrestlefest 2 (BG East)

This is the fifth time I've cited this particular match. I'm not sure I have spent this much space on any other BGE contest, but then I'm not good at keeping track of those things. The occasion for this entry is a collection of GIFs at The Playground (several more than the eight you see here) which capture everything I love about Rochelle vs Donovan. This may be my all-time favorite BGE match, one of the hottest comeuppance angles ever. There's even been sort of a remake of it, with Jonny Firestorm and Austin Raines duplicating the classic practically move by move. It's good, too, but nothing beats the wacko balls-to-the-wall energy of the 1998 (?) original.


  1. Sweaty, cocky Brad flaunting his victory with sexy poses is simply stunning.

  2. If I could afford it, I'd love to purchase this match.

    In later incarnation he, like Charron, who I sometimes get him confused with, became a jobber. I do not approve!


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