Come to Daddy

 Bob Armstrong (right, with Brad Armstrong, left)

 Big Daddy V (ECW)

 Big Daddy (UK)

 Brook Stetson and Cage Thunder (BG East)

 Chris Dickinson vs Brian Cage

 Dex Sutton (BG East)

Dusty Rhodes (with Goldust and Cody Rhodes)

 LS Powerhouse (with Victor, UCW)

 Rocky Johnson (right, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, left)

Fritz Von Erich (seated in front of Kevin, David, and Kerry Von Erich)

Krush (Krushco)

Wolf vs Braden Charron and Brute vs Bear (Thunders Arena)

Patrick Donovan vs Mitch Colby (BG East)

Who do YOU take your lickings from?


  1. I love daddy wrestlers, and I LOVE me some Silas Young and Sanshiro Takagi.


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