Doane v Albright

Ken Doane vs Brent Albright, 14 September (?) 2005 (Ohio Valley Wrestling)

Six-five Doane was the Ohio Valley TV champion, age 19, battling six-foot Albright (25 at the time) in a series of mean, sweaty matches that stretched from August to October. The teen hotly defended the title, and Albright (the former TV champ) is Doane's most persistent challenger. As the ringside commentators explain, Doane is eager to give Albright chance after chance at the prize no less to win Albright's respect than to defend the title. This contest gives us a speeding roulette wheel of heel tactics by both wrestlers (some more adept than others), a tornado of pain and payback that ultimately leaves both men wrung out and close to unconscious.


  1. Just discovered this match recently too and rediscovered my love for Kenny. Looks are always so deceiving as he never looked 6'5" with his wiry frame.

    Also, I am not one to notice wrestler's packages (I swear I am always the oblivious one as my friends have laser eyes on any man on the street or screen), but Ken always caught my eye in that department. One of the less popular wrestlers I'd fantasize about.

  2. Both hunks are handsome and skillful wrestlers. But I simply LOVE Brent Albright and all his power moves. It's a pity that he doesn't wrestle anymore. His matches against Roderick Strong and Claudio Castagnoli are always my go-to fights.


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