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Zman vs Eagle, 10th Anniversary Match (Thunders Arena)

Congratulations to Zman, marking his tenth anniversary at Thunders Arena with a celebratory homecoming match versus Eagle. The Arena dubbed him "Zman" and established his enthusiastic fanbase, and despite forays to other promotions as the hardest working man in online wrestling, it is the Arena I associate him with. Zman was there at the beginning (so congrats to Thunders Arena, too, for ten astounding years of muscles, chuckles, and food fights).

Mr. Mike, the boss at Thunders, commented on the importance of the occasion, "This is a big deal.  10 years of wrestling for the world wide web is a big accomplishment and several wrestlers come and go and lose their good looks or hot bodies over the years, and Zman has stayed consistent through time." No kidding. How many underground wrestlers last this long and keep their mojo too? If anything, Zman looks and fights even better than he did when he started, and I don't doubt he has more fans now than ever before.

His staying power in an industry that thrives on flashes in the pan, the next new things, and flavors of the week is remarkable, as is his loyalty to Mr. Mike and the fans.


  1. Change of name and icon.

    Tabellettes de chocolat, literally chocolate bars. French slang for six-pack or washboard abs. Bot because I have them but because I admire the.

    Formerly, Jerry Aurand.

  2. This version is sometimes called chocolats d'été, summer chocolates.

  3. Years of experience makes him sell agony like nobody. He'll always be one of my favorite dudes in distress.

  4. He really is stunning.



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