With the steady stream of new guys at Thunders Arena, if I'm ever going to see them all, they had all better wrestle Marco. As I noticed a while ago, practically all I buy these days are matches with Marco. Marco is the center of my Thunders Arena universe.

Arena downloads are pricey (almost two-thirds the price of a new BG East DVD that contains three matches, over twice the price of a new UCW download that typically runs a bit longer, exactly one and three-quarters the price to download Deadpool), so when I spend, I need to know at least one wrestler is as hot as his publicity photo AND knows how to wrestle--all this I know Marco delivers, dependably. I take my chances on whether the chemistry will be good with the other guy and whether the overall match can help me clean my pipes, but who can predict such things, right?

I can't blame Thunders for trying to get as much cash out of me as they can. There's upkeep on the house, money for the boys, ... and neon spandex doesn't grow on trees. If my wallet were bigger, I'd buy everything. As it is, the company has a good thing in Marco, as far as my patronage is concerned. Marco is the spigot on my PayPal account.

Marco vs Adam Bryant, No Holds Barred 63 (Thunders Arena)

Adam (5'6", 175#) in his Arena debut looks great, an inked-up skinhead stepping right out of my Beau Travail fantasy. As a competitor, though, he is out of his league against Marco (5'8", 180#), who mostly plays with him in an offhand tussle, with intervals of muscle worship. I like muscle worship, but it does not rock my world the way wrestling does. When Adam and Marco do wrestle, Marco is the man in control, even when (to make things interesting) he lets Adam get the better of him for fans who like give and take (fans like me). What's really sweet here is Adam's admiration for Marco, his muscle, his wrestling chops, his smooth way of mastering another man. I could be wrong, but I get the impression he enjoyed being dominated by an expert like Marco. (I would.) The scissors, the ball gropes, the bearhugs, the schoolboy pins, all are irresistible and the stuff of fantasy, but not always convincing as a wrestling contest. What I remember best is Marco straddling Adam's shoulders, his swell crotch within sniffing distance of Adam's face. That's my takeaway from this match, that and Marco's calm and self-assured smile.

Marco vs Bolt, Custom Video Series 36 (Thunders Arena)

Custom videos are disarmingly sweet because they are a fan's deepest fantasy being brought to life by two game and likeable athletes. This is my first sight of Bolt (5'7", 150#), who is catching fire at the Arena and may pose a threat to Marco's place as the fans' favorite. In just a few months the acclaimed Midwest high school wrestling star has appeared in over a dozen matches. I'm glad I'm seeing him first in a bout against Marco, and despite inadequate lighting, it's a bonafide stun-gun of malevolent exuberance. The setup is tasty, too, with Marco suspecting the newcomer of moving in on his girl. Bolt's "lucky jacket" proves not so lucky for the "wrestling star" as time and time again Marco hands Bolt's ass to him, but lucky for me Marco strips him of the jacket about a third of the way through. That Bolt's Calvins get stretched a lot contributes to the 19-minute battle's palpable hotness. On numerous occasions I found it almost impossible to sit still (or cross my legs) because of Marco's manhandling of this hairy-legged boy's nards, starting with a barefoot stomp on the family jewels and ending with Marco grinding his forearm relentlessly, agonizingly, thrillingly,  against these gems well past Bolt's tap-out.


  1. Marco is a real gem. Love his looks, wrestling and his charisma. The thing that I would change about him if I could would be for him to go back in time and wrestle some of the earlier TA guys, in particular Big Sexy, Diesel, Big Sexy, Ace Hanson, Big Sexy and maybe Big Sexy. But he's the only recent guy that warrants my wallet at TA. I like others, but he is compelling in a way most aren't.

  2. What I love about this hunk is that not only is he a great wrestler (he even puts bit guys like Dozer to sleep!) but he usually goes for the skimpiest pair of speedos to show off his big beautiful asset. With that being said, my favorite match of his would be him being tossed around by Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson. The hairy monster works so many legit submission moves on Marco. Watching this cocky young stud's body twisted in agony is surely a heavenly experience.

  3. I've been behind Marco 100% since he came to TA in late 2014 when in his first 3 matches took out Viggo, Dominic, and Dozer. All three of those guys are much bigger than Marco (especially back then before Marco got as big as he is now) and had much more experience (at least at Thunders).

    It was amazing to see such a tenacious and sexy young guy take down three of TA's biggest and best. In fact, it wasn't until Marco faced Brian Cage that he lost (and is that really a big surprise given the monster that Cage is?).

    Anyway, I fully agree with eropuro that Marco's match against Dirty Daddy is glorious...and I severely hope one day they get a rematch. Also eropuro you are spot on when you say that Marco knows how to pick the right gear...he's doesn't always pick right but he does probably 75% of the time.

  4. There's a lot to recommend Marco, but he's getting to be over-exposed. And there's some contests he should have lost.

  5. Does anyone know Marco's real name?


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