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Steel vs Travis, Bodybuilder Battle 91 (Thunders Arena)

I thought I was over my bodybuilder phase. I had come to realize that my childhood heroes Hercules and Samson weren't wrestlers. They were good only at hurling fake boulders at each other and thrashing around with stuffed lions. Then came Thunders Arena; more specifically then came Big Sexy to renew my faith in muscle and, after Sexy vanished from the scene, Marco. Now there's Steel, whose debut against Marco caught my attention in Saturday's posting.

Commenting on that posting, Mr. Mike gave proof to what I vaguely sensed was true of Steel.
Now as if to back up the claim (and answer a prayer), Thunders has released Bodybuilder Battle 91. Steel is so good looking it hurts. Quite apart from the magnificent physique, what a beautiful face! Then there's that aura that belongs to men who can damage other men with their bare hands and who take every legal opportunity to do so. Steel can "grapple for real." I'm just a blogger, sitting in front of a laptop, asking a bodybuilding wrestler to love him.

Steel dominates Travis from start to finish, taking a break now and then to let him strike some poses, then sends him limping with an icepack to the couch, where he tracks him down and squeezes him clean out between his powerful thighs. The camera catches all this in a series of tight, intense shots that lets viewers feel the crush of muscle on muscle. This is an elegantly cruel squash of a man big enough to take it, delivered by a man big, tough, and mean enough to dish it up. Boner worthy.


  1. Those head scissors are hot as hell. And Travis's helpless look sells them even better.

  2. I'm disappointed to find out that this is a squash. When I saw the first Images in the announcement of this contest my thoughts were that could be an epic face-off between two wrestlers who appeared to be comparable in size and strength. Whatever its attractions, for me it went from potential fireworks to dud.

  3. In looking at his matches so far, it appears that Travis is being jobbered. A young man with an impressive physique, I think that he should do better.

    The only match that it's clear he won is against TAK, another jobber. By the way, he, too, ought to have more victories in his win column.

    I hope that one day Travis has a rematch with Steel when he gets payback. Big time!

  4. The match was a dud for me too! While Steel and Travis are both bodybuilder beasts the posing is unaggressive, lazy and lacks spark. The match which could have been phenomenal is repetitive, predictable, unimaginative and uninspired. Steel could have posed more while he had Travis tied up in all the submissions and he could have engaged with the viewer more by looking directly into the camera while he did it. Travis if he was gonna just lie there and take it could have sold the suffering a hell of a lot more too! So much potential in this pairing and so so so disappointed!


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