Say Hi to Scrappy

Frey vs Scrappy, Mat Rats 71 (Thunders Arena)

I can almost hear Frey groaning as he snaps the waistband of his Calvin's, "Another pretty boy to break in, another dollar." And it probably doesn't make him feel any better that the new guy has a cutesy name: Scrappy. Where does Mr. Mike find these guys, anyway? Kentucky. This one, at least.

Scrappy is a keeper. At first he looks like a Disney prince crossed with another Disney prince, but once he breaks a sweat, we see the rudeboy and bully that lurks under the surface. He arrives shrink-wrapped in Marco-grade attitude, with curly hair that begs to be pulled (Frey doesn't even try to resist), and like every white boy his age, he speaks the dulcet monosyllables of Lil Wayne.

But can he wrestle? He makes Frey work, if that answers the question. Of course Frey takes him down right quick and mounts him, the international sign of male dominance. But Frey rules uncontested for less than a minute; then Scrappy fights back. Even so, Frey is top dog for most of the match, delivering up an array of power scissors, carries, and figure-fours (which Scrappy reverses in the classic manner).

At the match's midpoint, Scrappy shows his stuff, with crab holds, head scissors, schoolboy pins, and gut punches. Frey breaks a sweat at this point, but as the time nears for the tables to turn back, it appears that Frey is only testing the Kentucky recruit and perhaps using the steady volley of attacks to psych himself up for a comeback.

I'm impressed with Scrappy's wrestling ability, considering a wrestler's first match at the Arena is usually (with a few exceptions) a de facto hazing. He absolutely must fight Tak and Marco (and soon!) to fully demonstrate his chops. I figure Eagle, Profiteer, Steel, and Viggo are going to want a crack at this guy too. In time he may even get tossed to Cage or Dirty Daddy for a squared-circle drubbing.

I want to see more of Scrappy, more matches, skinnier gear, maybe even some more muscle packed on (or not--he looks fine, as is). The Arena could be a great home for him, and based on his debut, I'd say he has a lot to give back.


  1. I just hope that he doesn't become one of those great potential semi-jobbers that too many of the most promising young guys end up as. A ring match with Dirty Daddy might be good--if he's the one handing out the drubbing. Surprise us TA!

    1. There seems to be an unsatifying pattern at TA.

      They introduce this hot new guy. He does very well in his initial two or three matches. But then, while still participating in exciting, competitive engagements, he starts to lose pretty consistently. This what I mean by a semi-jobber. I hope this isn't the path Scrappy is headed down.

  2. Great post, great pictures, great analysis.

    First off it is clear that Thunders has found another winner in Scrappy. They recently found Steel (who is beyond sexy), and they got Jake Jenkins (one of my all time favorites) to return to the ring/mat in some upcoming matches (can't wait!).

    As is their MO, they are doing pretty stellar in finding talent, but they only have about a 50/50 shot of knowing exactly what to do with said talent as is evidenced here.

    I was definitely impressed with Scrappy but this match only worked b/c of him and him alone. He's a good looking guy with great hair and a phenomenal body. He knows how to show his body off, he knows how to wrestle, AND he's got a cocky attitude...he's the total package.

    Unfortunately, for me though, he is pitted against Frey, both in bland underwear, and in their wind-tunnel...excuse me...garage.

    1st. PLEASE DON'T MISUNDERSTAND! :) I love Frey/Austin Cooper, but here he looks like the friggin Doughboy. Why, oh why, can he not seem to get lean and cut like Viggo, Marco, and Eagle? Also, why would Scrappy face one of the most skilled and ruthless combatants on the roster FIRST? I know Thunders seems to have this trial-by-fire where they pit a lot of the newcomers against Frey, but it's gotten old. "OH we got fresh meat! Ahhh just call Frey..."

    2nd. The gear. I'm glad you made a comment about putting Scrappy in skinnier gear. The dude's body is phenomenal. WHY would you cover up any more of him than you have to? He's obviously not shy (just look at what he wore in his match against Vinny). I've heard Mr. Mike talk about how he has people complain when the guys wrestle in bikinis and posers...WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE COMPLAINING? I'm sorry but I thought this was a website that catered to people who want to see hot guys wrestling. I didn't know it was also catering to a bunch of old-fashioned squares from the 1950's! "OH NO Scrappy's showing too much thigh! It's an abomination!!" COME ON...

    3rd. The garage. Thunders has so many locations to choose from AND IT IS SUMMER. Why do they keep picking that blacked out garage with all the fans? If I remember correctly that house has plenty of rooms, a pool, and a big backyard. But no, they pick the room that has been used for probably 75% of their matches.'s lazy.

    To sum up: Scrappy is sexy and Scrappy is a keeper but the powers that be at Thunders doesn't seem to have much creativity in their coffers. It's really not that hard. Find hot guys who know how to wrestle, put them in hot/revealing gear, mix up the scenarios, mix up the rooms, give them space to explore, let them go at each other...leads to satisfied customers...which leads to more sales.

  3. What a great shot that final Image is!

  4. Is Frey trying to get as big as Specimen or Johnny Bravo? I'm not complain. The bigger they are, the harder I get.

    1. Unlike Johnny Bravo, Frey looks pretty puffy/bloated here. Johnny always looked cut and sinewy even though he was huge. If Frey can't get that look then he is better off not being so big.

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