Axel vs Kevin Lin, #471 (UCW)

Lin feels banged up after bad-ass Derrick Cole put him through the wringer. Having been there himself, Axel is sympathetic. He offers the rookie pointers on how to survive this kind of abuse next time, but the "instruction" serves only to put Lin through yet another wringer.

Over time, Axel has made this drily humorous angle uniquely his own: the help session that leaves more bruises and cricks than an outright assault. Quinn Harper, with malice aforethought, has a more malevolent take on the storyline when he breaks in UCW's new meat.

In Axel's hands, it's somewhat a cautionary tale on the potential bad side effects of good intentions, but it's also a showcase for Axel's extensive playbook of torturous holds, which the double-jointed Kevin not only endures but also replicates on Axel. Six minutes in, and Axel is ready to wrestle for real. So, unsurprisingly, is Lin, but it's Axel who shines the brighter as he twists the new guy like taffy as the tutorial snowballs into a rough yet kinda friendly smackdown.


  1. Snorefest 2016 - babyface vs babyface has almost never worked and this certainly didnt either

  2. I love Axel. He's someone who not only loves wrestling but also is turned on when he wrestles. In some of his Movimus matches, he fights hard with a raging boner, and that shows how passionate he is about wrestling. His fight against Lorenzo Lowe is one of my go-to matches. I would buy all his videos if I could afford it.

  3. Good tutorial! Axel is a fav and Lin has the makings of a technical wrestler.

  4. This one looks interesting!

    I'm also a huge Axel fan. He could very easily transition into more erotic matches.

  5. I'm a big fan of newbie Kevin, now the only Asian fighter left after beautiful Hiro left and I would like to see better than this ZZZZZZZZZZ a bout with Nero or Mallick got to happen


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