Sunday, July 31, 2016

Polish Power

Scott Putski vs Khris Germany, GWF Supercard (Global Wrestling Federation)

Click the link above. Minutes 24:00 to 28:00 spotlight a wrestler who put starch in my shorts in the early 1990s: Scott Putski (5'11", 245#), here going up against Khris Germany (6'2", 255#). Scott inherited his solid build from his father, the legendary Ivan Putski. Fans took immediately to Scott as a rookie because he fought clean but strong. Though he lacked the bad-boy attitude that was coming into fashion at the time, he had natural sex appeal combined with an easy rapport with fans.

While Putski acknowledges the cheers of the crowd, Germany sneaks up on him from behind. The next four minutes consists of give and take with Putski giving more than taking and eventually paying the Berliner (actually from Texas) back for the attack. In what looks like a crisis point to me, Scott spreads Khris's legs wide and apparently contemplates a low blow (13th and 14th shot above). The fans are with Putski all the way, fine with whatever he decides to do, but our hero thinks better of it and instead butts his head to the heel's midsection. I would have been fine with a stomp too, but these few seconds of decision-making reveal the quality of Scott's character. Putski goes on to defeat Germany by dropping the guy with his father's "Polish hammer" blow, tidied up with a three-count cross pin.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sin City

Steel vs Chase, Vegas Battles (Thunder's Arena)

Book me a rooftop penthouse in Vegas, well stocked with Hendricks, limes, and wrestlers in Speedos! Steel and Chase battle it out with a view of the horizon, and as the sun sets behind the mountains, they take their fight into the pool.This would be my dream summer vacation, folks!

Of course, Mr. Mike need not have gone to all this trouble. Putting Steel and Chase together on a Slip'N Slide in the backyard would have pulled just as much cash out of my debit card. Steel vs Chase is a pairing I've been waiting for since Steel's debut. And sixty floors or so up on a midsummer afternoon, this time I can't complain about poor lighting. Thunder's videography has never been this crystal clear. Maybe it's the altitude, maybe it's the dry desert air.

Mere minutes after check-in, or so I imagine, Steel coaxes Chase out on the deck to wrestle. There are no mats, so the guys have to take a gingerly approach to grappling: those marble tiles will not buffer a body slam or, needless to say, a pile driver. Instead, the wrestlers perform a lot of standing holds, like collar and elbow, side headlock, bear hug, and full nelson, along with a little hair pulling and noogies. The view (and I don't mean the view of the city) is gorgeous.

When, about a third of the way through, Steel care-ful-ly initiates a takedown, he lays Chase back on side-by-side outdoor lounge chairs for a combination head scissors and arm bar. Chase escapes and reverses, snapping an interfemoral arm bar on his opponent. Because of the restricted space, these are not wrestling's finest moments, but they work well under the circumstances--and these circumstances are spectacular.

The dizzying height adds a sense of exhilaration to the fight.  Two thirds through, the wrestlers take a break for some muscle posing as the sun sets (rather suddenly, thanks to jump-cut editing). Sound glitches while the two then wade into the pool are hopefully not due to a boom operator electrocuting himself in the water.

The splash grappling is fun, as it always is, with Chase and Steel tapping each other out once or twice with scissor-holds. Water conceals most of the two bodies, but my imagination fills in some stunning underwater photography. The bear hugs are especially sexy, but it's the climactic poolside head scissors that excites me most.

My only complaint, and it's tiny, is that Chase would be a finer physical contrast to Steel with his natural chest and stomach hair. (Not everybody likes the fuzz as much as I do, but for me it is Chase at his best.) The newness of Steel has not yet worn off (this is his fourth Arena appearance), so every frame that contains his beaming face and rippling muscle is pure heaven on earth for me, even in Sin City.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Working Man's Payday

Dory Funk Jr. vs Mike Davis, 22 September 1982 (Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling)

It is payday. I thought I'd celebrate with a salute to one of the all-time great heels working one of the all-time great jobbers. It's a short match. It lasts just about as long as my paycheck usually does. The angle here is that Funk (41, 6'2", 240#) offers Davis (25, 5'11", 233#) $100,000 if Davis is able to pin Funk's shoulders to the mat for a three-count, NWA rules prevailing, with a 10-minute time limit. It's big money the like of which Mike has never seen. The hungry kid signs on the dotted line. The moral of the story is pretty well summed up in the GIF.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Ben vs Aaron, Jockstrap Match (Nicky's World and Web)

Ben (Josh at Fightroom) and Aaron (also of Fightroom) take to the mats in jockstraps in this early and (I assume) pre-Fightroom wrestling contest. There are a number of different muscle-themed downloads available at UK-based Nicky's World and Web. This is the site's only jockstrap match. It's a 27-minute exhibition of awesomeness, no intros or breaks, probably the best jockstrap wrestling I have seen. Ever.

Not only are Ben and Aaron in tiptop shape; they know wrestling. The match contains too many high points to count: amazing bulge (Aaron's, bless him and his white jersey-knit strap), amazing face-sitting (starring Ben's muscular butt cheeks), amazing rear naked choke*, and amazing rictus of unutterable agony. The standard definition camerawork is adequate, but like everybody else nowadays, I have been spoiled by high def. As it is, the video is clear enough to capture the wrestlers' beauty and convey the intensity and force of their struggle. The audio is a gut-wrenching wall of sound--grunts, groans, and bodies colliding. In almost every respect, I am blown away.

Ben vs Aaron reifies what previously had been only fantasy for me. On the basis of Ben/Josh vs Aaron on Fightroom, I already expected the battle to be superb, but I did not expect to be this impressed. Solid boner playground here, a new (new to me) benchmark in online m4m wrestling, featuring two hot wrestlers at their hottest and toughest.

* The match checklists all the moves I deem essential to homoerotic** wrestling: collar and elbow, bear hug (chest to chest and reverse), body scissors, head scissors, chin-lock, arm bar, schoolboy pin, judo throw, full nelson, Boston crab (single leg and full), test of strength, camel clutch, side headlock, cross-body pin, and figure-four leg lock, most more than once, plus more holds I don't know the names of.

** Besides disliking the word for its mouth-full-of-peanut-butter garble, I am beginning to feel that "homoerotic" is redundant in reference to wrestling. Wrestling is, almost by definition, sexually exciting. Even straight men admit women's wrestling and mixed-gender wrestling are sexually charged.  Out gay and bi men have the advantage of not having to pretend otherwise for m4m wrestling.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Young Tiger Title Match

Gareth Logan vs Faust, 18 June 2016 (Tigers Pro Wrestling)

Hey, Dale, THANKS! French wrestler Gareth "Alpha" Logan is every bit as hot as you said he is. The comparison to Cliff Conlin is dead on--lumbering slow-burn assaults mixed with explosions of raw violence. (I also detect a glimmer of young Adam Baldwin, circa 1982, in the face.) Gareth heaves his full weight into this luscious 17-minute battle in Marseille. Thanks for recommending him (other readers, read Dale's full comment here).  That hothead Faust is something else, too. The two together are volatile.

(Warning: Spoiler in the last GIF.)


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