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Ace Perry vs Sage Philips, Monday Night ROC (Ring of Champions)

Probably the young indy up-and-comer who most catches my fancy lately, Ace Perry is, from all reports, a good and decent guy in life (and, usually, in the ring), who last year escorted a young fan with autism to her prom and, more recently, posted his support of LGBT pride on Instagram. In this match from last month, against wrestler-in-training Sage Philips, he lends a hand in what seems to be the pro wrestling equivalent of a piano recital.

The brief match follows the basic formula of a wrestling event. Ace establishes himself as heel at the outset. Sage soon turns the fight to his advantage, but Ace quickly reasserts himself as bossman. He puts Sage through his paces, leaving room for a pretty elaborate hope spot near the end, still ultimately gaining the pinfall, to nobody's surprise. Given Sage's relative inexperience, the action is not as tight or as compelling as I might hope for, but both wrestlers look good in the natural light--and, as I said, right now I find Ace fun to watch.


  1. Ace has grown too and the new physique is very easy on the eyes. His trunks fit quite well. I'm lucky enough to own some ring worn gear of his.

  2. I really like Sage. I hope that he grows and progresses and becomes a wonderful wrestler!

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