UK Kid vs Chris Andrews, 14 August 2005, Hertfordshire (Chapman Promotions)

The original title of this post was meant to play off "Hertfordshire," until I remembered there's no "hurt" in "Hertfordshire," pronounced har-fur-shur, the "t" and "d" only hinted at. Still it would have been better than the clunky pun I went with.

I'm posting this on the day we Americans celebrate our own "Brexit" 240 years ago. And like a lot of my British friends right now, I am having second thoughts about the decision--not that I was around for that earlier decision, not even that my ancestors were here yet. On the one hand, had we stayed British, we would have rid ourselves of slavery 50 years before we did, would have more than two political parties to pick our leaders from, would have had a woman as prime minister / president already, and could count Henry Cavill and Mick Jagger as fellow countrymen. On the other hand, we might never have had rhythm and blues, KFC, or American accents that UK actors unaccountably do better than we do.

Anyway, enough revisionism. The future is what counts! If we get Trump as president, we'll probably forget why we were embarrassed by W. If we get Clinton, we'll probably remember why we were embarrassed by Bill.

For now let's enjoy this match from almost 11 years ago,  in which a favorite clever British villain puts the screws to a favorite blond British hero, back when Andrews was considerably less gigantic than he is today. (But, hey, what's up with the Confederate flag, mates?)

To my fellow Americans, have a happy Fourth of July, and may we resolve to be safe, peaceful, vigilant, courageous, compassionate, free, exuberant, and (especially this election year) smarter than usual.


  1. I was also wondering about the Confederate Flag. They couldn't get away with that here. If this match were televised in America with that flag in the background there would be a nuclear meltdown on Twitter/Facebook etc.

  2. Chris Andrews would be a dream opponent in the ring with his amazing muscular body and damn good wrestling skills.


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