Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fight You for It

Chase Michaels vs Kevin Lin, #480 (UCW)

I love it when UCW rookies take each other on. With only a few matches under their belt, every single contest is important, and neither one knows what to expect. There's similar tension when two veterans face off too, but for rookies much more seems to be at stake.

Michaels and Lin are bright, sexy, young, and competitive. In size, strength, and experience they are more or less equals. They like it when the other guy cries out in pain, knowing that they are the source of that pain. And, more importantly, they're willing to put up with a lot of pain to be on top.

Introductions are brisk and to the point. Chase is matter of fact when he states this match will decide who's the better of the two. There's no animosity, no showboating, no hidden agenda. But this is UCW, so we already know the fight will be rough, fast, and steamy. Nobody cares whether the camera is catching their good side at UCW. Here, looking good always takes a back seat to kicking butt. Lin and Michaels do both.

The two lock up, and Chase throws Kevin to the mat. The next thing you see is Chase slamming his fist to Kevin's flinching face. As I said, things happen quickly at UCW. Less than a minute later, Kevin grabs Chase in a headlock and drags him back down to the mat. The give and take spins so fast I need to remind myself who's wearing which color trunks just to keep up.

Though close in size and weight, the bodies are athletic in contrasting ways. Michaels is wiry, long-limbed, built at sharp angles like a tennis pro. Lin is silky, with the buoyant and palpable curves of an Olympic swimmer. They are similarly aggressive, tough but pragmatic and strategic. They exert the force necessary to achieve their purpose, no more and no less.

A third of the way through, they are sweaty. Realizing that an easy submission is out of the question, they become more ruthless in their attacks. Neither is wearing down any faster than the other. They put their shoulders into the task of destroying the opponent. Joints get twisted, knuckles raise welts, knees grind to vertebrae ... pretty much business as usual at UCW, but for Kevin and Chase, everything hangs on their next move. In the end, only one stands, striking a double biceps pose for the fans, while the other is face down on the mat, spread-eagle, knocked the fuck out.

If I had doubts whether youthful aggression is inherently sexy, I would need to look no further than UCW's latest.


  1. thanks for your review - i was wondering if you could tell me, which one has more hard ballbusts to kevin lin? 475 with eli black or 480 with chase michaels?

    1. I can't count that high.

    2. check out the new release of kevin vs quinn. pretty awesome

  2. Chase was okay but Kevin is again a beautiful pile of boring and boring, this will be my last of him and maybe this company which is in decline it seems, i wasted my money. Kevin LIn sucks!!

    1. Kevin Lin is awesome. Strong Handsome, Perfect Muscles and the Sexiest Armpits. It was hot watching Chase dominate Kevin and the handmark Chase left on Kevin's sexy body after slapping him. This was one of the sexiest wrestling matches ever!

  3. Hmm high praise there Karl for someone who lacks a face picture, much less a company that has been around for the better part of a decade. Isn't it time you came out of the basement for a little sunshine you hateful troll?

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