Fightroom at the Top

Enjoying some free time, I am now caught up on (and with) the Fightroom videos released previous to the one I described on Monday. I can now say I'd count most of the current lot as top notch events, better than the average I see anywhere on the internet, and even the weakest of the lot is well worth a look-see. As for the nine rostered fighters, most are above average in wrestling skills and physiques, and I have identified two I'd follow to hell and back: Tomas and Josh. (If I'm not mistaken, three years ago Josh fought some Motel Madness matches for BG East under another name.) Back in the day, I would have loved to take Aaron, Matt, and Scissorboy Alex out back behind the woodshed, too. Below are screen grabs of the eight matches I had not seen when I posted on Monday. The asterisks operate as a loosely defined and highly subjective personal rating system. Given that **** is tops (i.e. I busted a nut), I'd say that the company is off to a rousing start, with five top ratings (including the one in Monday's blog) out of nine.

#001 Aaron vs Josh ***

 #002 Isaac vs Josh ***

#003 Isaac vs Masood **

#004 Tomas vs Josh ****

#005 Cody vs Josh ****

#006 Mad Dog Viktor vs Tomas ***

#007 Aaron vs Matt ****

 #008 Scissorboy Alex vs Matt ****


  1. I, too, did some credit card damage with Fightroom this week, Joe. I at least liked (and in some cases) loved each match. This company is a good find for its simple, no BS brand of submission wrestling. I hope they prove to update relatively frequently. My only slight quibble, and it is very slight, is that I wish they would post either a running or ending submission total score. There are few times it is difficult to tell if there was a submission or whether just a break of a hold. But otherwise I love it. Very reasonably priced, too.

    1. I have a question about the fightroom matches. Do you have an email I can reach you at?

  2. Yes, Josh has wrestled in 2 BG East matches as Connor Cross, one against Aiden Calder and one against Arn Nedic. He also does flexing videos on YouTube under the username Josh Williams and has done at least one wrestling match for Spotland Scrappers.

  3. This type of matches remind me of Wrestlers and Lutteurs, intense, no gimmicks, just pure desire to dominate and submit the opponents.


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