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Scissorboy Alex vs Tomas (Fightroom)

Last Wednesday Neil messaged me on Facebook recommending a new site, Fightroom. He thought I'd like it because of my taste for actual sporting wrestling. Neil thought right. The UK-based wrestling club currently features nine matches available for download. Over the weekend I started with the most recent one because (to be honest and direct) Tomas's body is tan and tight. 

For me the charm of real wrestling is its relative lack of drama and personality. Two guys take each other on, no good guys or bad guys, no role-playing, no spots to perform on cue. Their involvement in the act of wrestling makes them all but anonymous, wrapped in each other's limbs, identity consumed by action, a classic case of Yeats' question "How can we know the dancer from the dance?"

Looks and body type don't enter into my evaluation of mat wrestling, though admittedly looks and bodies do draw me to make purchases. Ultimately, skills and fighting heart matter more. Alex and Tomas have both areas covered (as well as looks and taut, fit physiques). Perhaps nobody believes me when I say stuff like this, but two out-of-shape guys with zero personality can be gods for me if they throw themselves heart and soul into a well-fought match.

Tomas and Alex have practically nothing to say to each other, and if there's history between them, I'm unaware of it and free to make up whatever story I choose. Alex is slightly the more aggressive wrestler. Tomas puts up a terrific fight, too. To my uneducated eyes, they are equally matched in skill sets and stamina. They go at it relentlessly for a full 32 minutes, keeping my dick bony for the duration.

The match is simply but expertly caught on video. The camera is unobtrusive. Occasionally the cameraman's shadow is visible in the streaks of sunlight across the red and blue mats and the wrestlers' bodies. Though natural, the lighting is also dramatic. So, Neil, if you're reading this, thanks for the tip. I think Fightroom is going to be a part of my life from now on.


  1. Thanks for posting this as "Tomas" is Matt Newman, one of the hottest fitness trainers/physique models in the UK. Makes me sweat...
    check out his twitter @mattnewman so awesome
    I'm definitely buying the match
    RASI rules

  2. Hey Joe. I am not sure if I should thank you or condemn you. Since I read your post first thing this morning (I always start my mornings with Ringside) I have downloaded and enjoyed 4 of the Fightroom matches. They're great, just my style. So now I have ANOTHER company to follow and keep up with! Thanks, as always, for the great blogging.


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