Monday, July 18, 2016

Grab Bag

Frey vs Adam Bryant, No Holds Barred 66 (Thunders Arena)

Adam has two previous credits at Thunders, only one of which I have seen, and a thriving (or is it "throbbing"?) career in man-on-man porn. Though I have not yet explored his work in porn, the burly five-six stud has a rough trade vibe I like, and, perhaps coincidentally, the action here focuses on cock and balls, first when Adam forearm-smashes Frey's family jewels from behind and later as Frey exacts revenge.

There's a lot of grabbing and clutching of bodies in general, not just genitals. The chokes especially stand out for me. Before I downloaded this video, I enjoyed a vivid fantasy involving me strangling a not-to-be-named pro wrestler--not "to death," mind you, not even knocked out since the key element for me is not unconsciousness but the thrashing, shuddering, clawing, moaning, twitching, and wriggling that precede it.

The Arena camera deftly captures perspectives we don't usually see in wrestling videos, increasing my sense of proximity to and involvement in the action. A number of online wrestling sites are experimenting with camera placement these days, catching holds from some compelling angles without going all Dr. Caligari in their slant and slope. Thunders, which has long prided itself (with good reason) on the professionalism of its cinematography, has been at the forefront of these advances.

Frey is an outstanding master here. I hesitate to call him a heel because it's Adam with most of the sass and cheap tricks. Frey performs the role of righteous punisher, a role that gives me the tingles, what with my justice and comeuppance fetishes on top of my wrestling and hairy forearm fetishes. Bryant gets in some good licks along the way, keeping Frey on his toes (a good place to be when balls are being attacked). The three-count schoolboy pin that ends this 20-minute contest is nostalgically clean and frills-free, again exactly the sort of thing I go for, even when no holds are barred.

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