Hardship Case

Quinn Harper vs Aron, #478 (UCW)

Quinn is always up for fun, and by "fun" he means making 30 minutes of somebody's life a living hell. Amazingly this is Aron's first match versus the one-man humiliation squad. If the file for this video [#478] had in fact been "lost" (as advertised), fans of either wrestler would be deprived of a real nut tickler.

Aron is serious with a capital "S" about wrestling. He's a competitive guy and not just at UCW. Other wrestlers play to the camera. Aron is usually reserved, earnestly dedicated to the sport, even sometimes embarrassed by the attention he gets for his puppy-dog good looks. (He's never forgiven me for once comparing him to The Bieb.) In every way, Quinn is Aron's opposite. He's an exhibitionist and a dirty cheat. He's in the game for the money and, as noted, the many opportunities to humiliate opponents. Aron wants nothing more than a fair contest. It's a good thing Quinn is here to the give customers what they really want.

When Quinn's thumb is not plugging Aron's asshole, his own butt is giving the guy a facial. Or else he's doggy humping the boy's orange singlet. Not typically GQ pretty, Quinn nevertheless is on top of sexy, underground wrestling style. Other eroto-wrestlers do slow-motion grinds and lock lips, rolling around and moaning like porn stars. The full-body-massage approach is all well and good, but Quinn's style is heavy on pain and emasculation. For guys (like me) who (sick as we may be) are more turned on by fights than tits, Quinn delivers the raw and raunchy goods every time. Not for one second is he going to let Aron play the wet blanket.

These polar opposites make for edgy, nasty fun, all while keeping their singlets securely in place. Nudity, sex rounds, stolen kisses, and the innuendo of victor carrying loser off camera to finish up in private are all very very nice, but Quinn makes hurting people sexy by focusing on the body parts that feel pain most keenly--and you have to love the guy for loving his work.


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