I Feel Your Pain

Derrick Cole vs Victor, #479 (UCW)

Over ten matches now (this is his tenth) Victor has sold pain like no other wrestler at UCW. His agonies are satisfyingly rich and profound. What makes Victor even more enjoyable a sufferer is that the guy knows how to hurt as well as be hurt. For at least half of his latest match he wrings the bigger and heavier Derrick like a dishrag. Victor's capacity and drive for domination and destruction make him an even better potential victim. Others do, of course, but I do not see the fun in squashing a wuss.

On the other hand, I have to envy Victor for being manhandled by a heel as proficient as Derrick. The bind he's got Victor in in the tenth screen grab above would be, I imagine, a delicious torment. Far simpler is the schoolboy pin in the next shot. Ten minutes of that and I would not feel my arms, perhaps not even my lower body.

Still, uninterrupted dominance is a bore. I speak for myself, of course (as usual). If I could take Victor's place in snapping back Derrick's elbow or folding him backwards in a Boston crab, I would for the sheer pleasure of the heel's exasperated squawks and groans.

For almost 31 minutes, Derrick and Victor fight like a couple of bettas in a tiny fishbowl. There's no introduction to speak of. The two just--pow!--collide with malicious intent. As noted, Victor makes a strong showing for himself for much of the contest, but Derrick is too tough a customer to let himself be taken down without delivering some stiff licks in return.

Like other fans, I anxiously await the day Derrick faces down fellow arch-heels Eli Black and Quinn Harper. That match is one I can already taste in my mouth. But this one is tasty too, with the skinny guy taking the battle right up the beefy heel's ass. Both wrestlers end the day knowing they have been in a brawl. Vicariously I'm in it with them, trying on different roles as my imagination and libido direct.


  1. This is my first download I own of Victor. The dude is awesome. I have commented on other blogs he looks like an early Axle with his long black hair, slim build and determination not to go down. He takes some awesome throw downs, grimaces those darling teeth and grunts his manhood when he is takin a hard hit. His groin gets a total beat down at the end. Really rockin fight and download!


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