Will Ospreay, 6'1", 174#, 7 May 1993, Essex, UK (pro debut 1 April 2012)

The year is shaping up to be Ospreay's year. After his phenomenal match against Ricochet, he was the first British wrestler and the youngest wrestler ever to win the prestigious NJPW Best of the Super Juniors title. His ring style is awesome, though it's far too speedy and anti-gravitational to figure largely in any of my wrestling fantasies. Still, he is a joy to watch, and no wrestler, except maybe Zack Sabre Jr., has his sophisticated wit and philosophical outlook on life.

On pro wrestling, he has said, "A job where I wear tiny short[s] and grapple sweaty men. SIGN ME UP!" He's far too interested in girls to mean it the way I would mean it, but I have to hand it to the guy for saying it. Of Ricochet, his main opponent at the Super Juniors, he says:
The guy gives me constant shit, but he is legit my inspiration. My first main event and win for the 2nd biggest company in the world. Never have I heard a Japanese crowd chant "This is awesome", "Holy Shit" & "1 more match" they were just there for everything, I feel like I'm home and now I belong. Could not ask for a better opponent.
His Facebook page is full of his words of wisdom, mostly addressed to other up-and-coming wrestlers. Some are inspirational, some are Muhammad Ali quotes, and others reflect his dry British wit, i.e. "You just need to accept that you live in this world. A world where a move is called a 'Cheeky Nandos Kick.'"

Ospreay's tough. He's hot. And he's smart. And he's on a roll this year.


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