Mужской Tорс

Ivan Gromov vs Vladimir Kulakov vs Alexei Schukin, Wrestliada 2015 (IWF)

Gromov wears the dark metallic blue trunks, Kulakov, the black trunks and long-sleeve top, and Schukin, the black trunks with no top. This is a three-way match from last fall in Moscow. The winner is to be a top contender for the IWF heavyweight championship. This past February, the winner of this contest went on to win the title.

Gromov is the only one of the three wrestlers I follow, so he's my man. I suspect he would be, even if I were more familiar with the other two. The keen observer will detect that Ivan's torso* is the focus of all these GIFs. I consider Gromov's torso, back, butt, and thighs among the great achievements of 21st-century manliness.

Right around the 9:30 mark (not pictured above), Kulakov kneels next to a fallen Gromov and kisses him on the mouth. Brave man. Keep in mind that this is Russia, so the kiss means nothing (well, in this context it means "you're my bitch" and that's something). You better believe Ivan makes Vladimir pay for the effrontery.

* My seventh-grade science-fair project in Japan (where I lived at the time) was a display of all the muscles in the male torso, so my expertise goes back decades.


  1. I always assume you are familiar with every wrestler. But just in case, I give you Gareth Logan, whom I find to be the most arousing wrestler for my taste since Cliff Conlin.

    1. Hi, Dale, never assume. I'm happy to hear what or who catches the eye of you and other friends/visitors to the blog. Thanks for the tip and the link. I will definitely check it out soon.


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