Mammal Mia

Marco vs Bear, No Holds Barred 67 (Thunder's Arena)

Based on the intro you might think the Marco-Bear match stocks more cuddles and fondling than grunts and groans. Lately in high rotation at the Arena, Bear cozies up to a resting Marco, who is finicky about Bear's body hair, but stiffly permits Bear to pet his smooth hard muscles. All the while, Marco looks ill at ease, like a kid forced to model the sweater Aunt Harriet knitted for his birthday. Bear* tries to make a case for ursine pulchritude and loosen Marco up. Something's a bit off with the chemistry here, either too little or too much. The moment reeks of awkward social interaction (with which I am well acquainted). I want a fight.

"Let's just get this over with," Marco suggests, grossed out by Bear's bristly virility. "We don't like hairy guys here," he adds, rolling his opponent into a half-hearted slow-motion pin. Bear feints a claw hold to the forehead, but Marco responds by kayfabe-clawing Bear's crotch. In a no-sell mood, Bear mocks the attack, "Kinda like grabbing my own dick. You're not doing anything with it." Marco answers with a tight, aargh-generating clutch. The grip is unholy tight, and Marco lifts the dude off the mat by it. Now this is more like it!

Bear backs Marco to the wall and fondles then punches the wrestling god's taut six-pack. He then repays Marco for the wrench-like squeeze to the nards. A few minutes of give and take leads to Marco schooling Bear on how a real bear-hug works, capped with a back-breaker across the knee. Next we get a brief Marco-led tutorial on the many ways a trained wrestler can hurt and humble his opponent. Bear retaliates, but before we hit the video's midpoint it seems obvious that this is Marco's show. It would appear that Bear's he-man styling counts for nothing against Marco's raw power and wrestling experience.

The guys take a break for some posing. Bear tries to use Marco's muscle-pride against our boy. He argues that the "ultimate compliment" may be to admire a man's physique while simultaneously trying to beat him up. I think Bear is on to something. It strikes me as an altogether natural response to want to engage a well-built male body in a fight, even when there's no chance of victory. Such are the mysteries of the male libido, as I have argued many times on this blog. Good or bad, it's still in our hormones to fight and fuck, and so far the mammalian body has not evolved to the point where the two urges are mutually exclusive.

The match's climax comes swiftly, a sudden turnabout, and it is multi-orgasmic, lasting two minutes. It is exactly what I wanted it to be, satisfying both my sense of narrative justice and some dark and primal place in the brain I do not yet have an explanation for.

* If some talented gay filmmaker decides to make a live-action movie of Ed Luce's remarkable Wuvable Oaf, I hope Bear at least gets an audition. It could be a good casting choice so long as Bear has no cat allergies.


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