Kenny Williams vs JD Wilde, SWE Uprising (Scottish Wrestling Entertainment)

Kenny kills in his SWE debut this past April, stoking the fans' enthusiasm and dinging the ego of the more experienced Wilde at the same time. Well built but slim, punked up with peroxide and scruff, Williams saves the reveal of his torso for a key moment in the fight, shortly after the 12:40 mark. Wilde hardly has time to process what he has slammed up against before Kenny starts parading him around the ring, letting tykes take pot shots at him. JD wises up and subjects the new lad to some stern discipline, almost successfully choking him out at one point, but Williams rebounds for a dramatic turnaround. The final three or four minutes are touch and go for the newcomer, but whatever the outcome, he makes an unforgettable first impression and gains an ally in Kenny Kyd.

misneachail: Scottish Gaelic for brave, spirited, confident


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