No Rescue

Ethan Andrews vs Chad Daniels, No Rescue (Rock Hard Wrestling)

Ethan Andrews cranks out his best heel performance to date against lifeguard Chad Daniels. He's got a sharp haircut that brings out the cut of his jawline, and it or something inspires him to show blond Chad absolutely no mercy in this fine two-rounder. I won't say that Rock Hard brought Chad in specifically as a replacement for Josh Steel, but he sure fits the bill as far as I'm concerned, lacking only Steel's pornboy-gone-bad éclat. He has the beefy bod. He has the copper tan. At any rate, the boy deserves punishment, and Ethan seems eager to dish some up.

Chad initiates the action, scooping Ethan into his arms and slamming him to the mat. He delivers a trio of stomps that appear designed to keep Ethan down, but Ethan rises, shaking the pain off his leg, with a grim look on his face that suggests that this assault justifies any bodily harm Ethan will exact in the next 20 minutes. The wrestlers then lock fingers in a test of strength. The lockup lets Ethan drive the toe of his boot sharply to Daniels' navel, but the lifeguard responds with a second body slam from which he transitions smoothly to a body scissors.

Seconds later, Ethan shoves Chad off and binds him in a single-leg crab hold. It's all Ethan's show for the next five minutes as he takes turns cutting off Chad's supply of oxygen and traumatizing his vertebrae one by one. Chad tries to turn things around, but he fails to maintain the necessary momentum. A couple minutes later Ethan has him tied up like shoelaces again. For strategy you can's top stripping away a man's air supply and his backbone. Those are losses it's just too hard to bounce back from.

The first fall happens at the exact midpoint of the match. The second half features some of my favorite things: grinding side headlocks, clutches, some (oh boy) authentic grappling, and an arm bar, leading to a stunner of a reverse choke that seals the deal. Through it all, Ethan spotlights Chad's voluptuous torso. Rock Hard's camerawork dependably captures every grimace and flinch. I would count this contest, along with Austin Cooper vs Zack Johnathan in May, as the best I've seen at RHW so far this year.


  1. Want to fight or wrestle Chad Daniels anytime and anywhere. Hot damn body, solid thighs and built to wrestle and fight.

  2. I love it that Ethan is getting more and more ripped. I would really like to see a gut punching rematch between him and Eli Black.

    1. Yeah, I agree totally. Ethan Andrews vs. Eli Black in a gut punching match or even an MMA fight would totally rock. I think Eli Black might be the tougher and more brutal fighter. Would be a great match.

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