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I grabbed these shots from the very fine My Wrestling Obsession channel on YouTube, which itself has become an obsession of mine. MWO focuses on eras in professional wrestling close to my memories, tastes, and kinks, in this case, 1989-1990, though I have to admit that Tommy Jammer (6'2", 240ish) is new to me.  Last week the channel delivered up a bevy of California Kid matches (he's from San Diego). Up above we see Tommy Jammer versus Tony Leone. Below, he takes on WT Jones, Bad Boy Brown, Randy Gust (Jammer makes short work of this fatty*), Pistol Pete Pistulka, and Tom "Rocky" Stone, who knows how to welcome the Kid in true Southern-rasslin' style. It's a good thing that Jammer knows the traditional reply.

Tommy Jammer vs WT Jones (AWA - American Wrestling Association)

Tommy Jammer vs Bad Boy Brown (AWA - American Wrestling Association)

Tommy Jammer vs Randy Gust (AWA - American Wrestling Association)

Tommy Jammer vs Pistol Pete Pistulka (AWA - American Wrestling Association)


Tommy Jammer vs Tom "Rocky" Stone (AWA - American Wrestling Association)

* This is no excuse because I know "fatty" is an offensive word, but I can't put my finger on it, but something about the sentence "Jammer makes short work of this fatty" gets me very hard.


  1. The timing of this post made me smile: in the past week or so, I too have just discovered Tommy Jammer, a wrestler whom I do not recall seeing before, and I have watched a lot of professional wrestling over the years. The style and colour of his ring attire and the matches themselves take me straight back to late 1980s pro wrestling. Always interesting to discover new wrestlers from that era after all these years.

  2. What a great find! I don't think I've ever seen Tommy before. I'm pretty sure that I would remember him if I had. But I will enjoy watching him.

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