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Frey vs Jake Jenkins, Mat Wars 71 (Thunders Arena)

In his debut match at Thunders Arena, Jake Jenkins faces Frey. This pairing is right in so many ways, not least of all in its sly nod towards Jenks' sterling work elsewhere. Jake brings out the best in Frey, whose task it is to initiate--literally to baptize--Jake into the Thunders fold, and Frey, in turn, puts his old friend over for a new body of potential fans. The reunion here looks unaffectedly jubilant.

Jake gives his best in every match I have seen him in. He knows wrestling, and though he often leaves the razzle-dazzle for his opponents to dish out, the quality and genius of his athletic skills are consistently the high points of every video he's been in, even when he purposefully plays his role in the lowest key possible. He knows the moves that crank up real pain, and nobody in the underground wrestling world so dependably sells other wrestlers' moves with utter conviction and realism. Jake is personally responsible for most of the best matches of his previous employers. I see no reason he won't do the same at Thunders Arena, which seems determined to make 2016 its banner year.

And need I add that both these men are now at their personal best? Frey's swelling muscle was a cause of concern for a while. I worried he might be going too far. I'm accustomed to it now, even prefer his rock-em-sock-em bulges to his early compactness. There's not only more of Frey now to love, but I cannot look at him without wanting to climb all over those heaps of pumped-up beef. I have never questioned Jake's boner fides, and if anything he looks harder and tougher now than ever before. "Bigger than ever," as he states with good reason, early on in the match. The more his skinny yellow trunks play peekaboo with his pubes, the less I want to stay inside my jeans.

Kudos too to Thunders Arena for putting these jocks outside into the bright Florida sunlight. Even when the action drifts indoors, the tight camerawork pulls me into every hold and thrust, and when Frey drags Jenks back to the pool for the splashy climax, I am so there I almost need sunblock. Mat Wars 71 is the perfect summer movie for a wrestling fan like me. Gimme more Jenks, more Frey, more Jenks and Frey together.


  1. And a yes from me too. Always prefer to see Jake in the ring really but just great to see him back anywhere. For me underground wrestling changed forever the day I clicked on to RHW and saw his match with Cliff Johnson. He was in unbelievable shape in those days and even got to play the dominant heel for a while. Possibly his match with Eli Black was my favourite from that era. I wonder if he ever regrets putting so much effort into selling the pain because of course it has just ratcheted up the demand for squash matches, particularly at BG East. But Jake will never be a jobber in my eyes. I wonder if he will turn up again at RHW.

  2. This was a phenomenal match. It was, as a reviewer from the site put it, a master class from two seasoned guys who should honestly open their own gym where they train high school and college wrestlers...and link their students up with Thunders, RHW, and BGeast if they are willing to participate in that style of wrestling.

    1. Yeah, definitely some of the best wrestling videos were done by high school or college wrestlers who know what they are doing on the mats or in the ring or cage. Both of these studs are phenomenal. Want to wrestle both of them anytime and anywhere.

  3. Damn hot match. Glad to see Jake Jenkins back wrestling again. He was always my favorite at Rock Hard Wrestling. Still used to "Austin Cooper" rather than "Frey" but either way, he is one built muscle stud.

  4. Any match featuring Jake would be intense, realistic and highly erotic (if you like watching beautiful lads suffering like I do). So I'm so excited as you guys to see Jake back in action. And I would like to see this bulkier Frey fight Brian Cage.


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