Young Tiger Title Match

Gareth Logan vs Faust, 18 June 2016 (Tigers Pro Wrestling)

Hey, Dale, THANKS! French wrestler Gareth "Alpha" Logan is every bit as hot as you said he is. The comparison to Cliff Conlin is dead on--lumbering slow-burn assaults mixed with explosions of raw violence. (I also detect a glimmer of young Adam Baldwin, circa 1982, in the face.) Gareth heaves his full weight into this luscious 17-minute battle in Marseille. Thanks for recommending him (other readers, read Dale's full comment here).  That hothead Faust is something else, too. The two together are volatile.

(Warning: Spoiler in the last GIF.)


  1. Faust is not your average wrestler, either.

    1. True ... and thanks for another link.


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