In Wrestler Spotlight: Chace LaChance, BG East pulls videos from storage that track the evolution of this powerfully built and drily deadpan comic wrestler, going from Superboy to Superman. I only hope that in the special edition DVD there will be bonus material with hair on the man's belly and chest. In the existing three matches, we see Chace paired against outstanding talents, legendary in their own right: Paul Hudson, Denny Cartier, and Jake Jenkins.

Paul Hudson vs Chace LaChance, Wrestler Spotlight: Chace LaChance (BG East)

Hudson is one of the company's grittiest fighters. He's also the only one of Chace's opponents in this set of matches who has his own Wrestler Spotlight.  In his Sunday best, I imagine Paul would look like a fine young man one would like to get to know. Stripped down to wrestling trunks, he looks like a barracuda who has already beaten and eaten all the other barracudas in the tank. Paul is smaller than Chace, but he's a handful. He's hungry and brutal with an impressive arsenal of punishing holds. Throw the virginal and barefoot LaChance into these waters, and you get pretty much what you would expect.

Denny Cartier vs Chace LaChance, Wrestler Spotlight: Chace LaChance (BG East)

Denny is a more even match for Chace. He's shorter than Chace, but stockier and more experienced as a grappler. This is a mat-room submission match, so Chace is on Denny's turf. Denny doesn't care how pretty Chace's muscle is. The fight is all that counts with him. Denny insists on a fair-and-square contest, but, you now, tensions do rise in these circumstances. Singlets peel off, and though the holds are more or less clean, it's hard to deny that they are intended to punish and humiliate.

Jake Jenkins vs Chace LaChance, Wrestler Spotlight: Chace LaChance (BG East)

There are many worthy candidates, but Jake is my pick for, pound for pound, best BGE wrestler ever. He does singlets or jockstraps, mat or ring, jobber or heel. He's a virtual Chinese menu of underground wrestling. This bodes well for fans, but for Chace, who knows? Jake is a gifted tormentor, with his instincts for human demolition matched only by his knowledge of where and how to pinpoint an attack for maximum ouch. But he also sells the hell out of other wrestlers' holds--nobody better, in my opinion. He's shorter and significantly lighter than Chace, but he's fast and feisty. This face-off promises the most and biggest surprises, and it keeps that promise.


  1. BGE has a tendency to put those matches of the featured wrestler on the Sporlight in which they don't fare so well. I asked them for a four match LaChance Spotlight, in three of which he won or nearly did and the fourth which he lost, but fought in a hard, exciting fashion. I'd've preferred my recommendations to their choices.

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