Hardcore Vegas

Steel and Bear vs Tak, Vegas Battles 02 (Thunder's Arena)

Thunder's Arena tries its hand at first-person-POV action in the just released followup to the rooftop battle between Steel and Chase (who makes a memorable cameo appearance on this video). Those of you who saw Hardcore Henry (wow!) witnessed comeuppance dealt out in one of the most swallow-your-own-tongue action films to date--and through the eyes of the bad-ass who evens the score. That pioneering film tells the entire story through Henry's vengeful eyes. In the Arena's story, Tak (literally) rubs bodyjocks Steel and Bear the wrong way and then, in a few key moments of the final 12 minutes, gives fans a look at comeuppance from the other end of the fist. The battle goes from penthouse suite to the rooftop pool, but, unlike the first Vegas Battles, venturing underwater this go-round. We get several glimpses of what it's like to get on the wrong side of Steel and Bear (looks fun to me, actually). I'm not even going to try to summarize, analyze, empathize, eulogize, or further commentize on this video. I just want these screen grabs here on my blog so I can revisit them from time to time as I launch into a fall semester with four (count 'em!) four over-enrolled freshmen writing classes to slug through. This blog may be seeing less of me when it's time to start grading essays. (It may be seeing the last of Tak this minute, though.)


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