Hey, Ray in Atlanta!

Your comments count. Earlier this week, Ray in Atlanta responded to my blog about Thunder's Arena's most recent ring match, saying, "this match is positively mouth watering … 'but' … I’ve got to wait until it gets marked down or they have a sale because the download is just a bit too pricey right now" (see the comments section here).

This evening, Mr. Mike of Thunder's Arena emailed me to say, 
Hey Joe, wanted to say hi and ask if you would be so kind as to promote our "end of summer" sale to your readers going on this weekend.  We read on your blog one of your fans commented our matches were too expensive and was waiting for them to go on sale so we decided to put Everything on sale as we don't want fans to miss out.  

... [W]e do listen to fans. 
I just checked the Thunder's web site, and it is proclaiming a 30% off sale on all its matches. That's ten bucks (and a penny) off the fantastic new ring match (Beast-vs-Billy the Kid) I was gushing over. According to Mike, the sale will continue through the weekend, so act now if you want to take advantage of this special fan-inspired discount.

And thank you, Thunder's Arena, for responding so quickly and positively to your fans' concerns.


  1. If only everything I wished for could come true as quickly as this did… could it be the magic of Skull Island at work?


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