Tyson the Hammer vs Nero Angelo, #485 Outdoor Pool Brawl  (UCW)

More summer frolic from the boys at UCW. Frot-meister Nero Angelo introduces himself to Tyson in the customary fight space with a knee-blast to the balls. He then runs the usual paces ("usual" at UCW, if nowhere else) of navel-biting, groping, face-sitting, and armpit-plucking (with the teeth). Having given the Hammer a fresh coat of Nero-sweat, the chatty and boundaries-blind heel hauls the man outside to the pool to cool off.

The final 22 minutes of the video highlights splash-wrestling that quickly digresses to splash-punching and splash-strangulation, especially as the leanly muscled Tyson (not called the Hammer for nothing) turns the tables and gives Nero a taste of his own medicine--with a water chaser. Nero feels the full weight of Tyson's payback, but he seems unrepentant, at times looking positively delighted to get beaten up by his strapping opponent.

Tyson's backyard advantage soon turns to give and take, which both wrestlers (but Angelo especially) delight in. Nero uses every hold to steal a kiss and a feel. In this case (image 6 above) a side-headlock does the trick. Moments later, Tyson proves he is nobody's second-stringer for deviant combat tactics when he escapes and takes control of Angelo and the match by chomping down (yep, with the teeth) on Nero's crotch.

The action drifts in and out of the pool, as a clothesline support and a wet towel are weaponized to near-murderous effect. The ultimate submission is gained by filling the opponent's lungs with pool water ... or almost. Even after the winning tap-out, the victor feels compelled to dunk his gasping adversary's head one last time.

Nero and Tyson may not possess the fluency for smack talk or the natural touch for brutality we find in top-shelf heels like Eli, Quinn, and Derrick. Still, the sometimes stagey assaults keep coming, each one more energetic than the last. And Nero and Tyson "go there" with loads of sexy innuendo which the others won't touch (well, Quinn maybe, who fears nothing). These two treat each other like last week's trash, going the distance for another notch up on the UCW scoreboard.


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