Mullet Monday: Magnum Edition

Magnum TA vs Steve Brinson, 5 October 1984 (Mid South Wrestling)

The guy had tight blond curls, hair on his chest, and nipples that could poke your eye out. This is Magnum TA at his pseudo-Tom Selleck height. In the eighties I felt ambivalent about the man. For me, his wrestling was hit or miss, but when he hit, he was a hoot. I mostly liked the way he looked standing in his corner, to be honest, or leaning in to talk into the host's microphone, or raising his arm in victory. He tended towards vainglorious and preposterous, but, son, he was hot as slicked-up fuck. Here he takes on muscle-ox Brinson, who outweighs him by nine pounds. Guest commentator Ernie Ladd says that if you wrestle Magnum, you better bring a bag lunch because the man wrestles for the long haul. This one, however, is a drive-thru, not even two minutes long. It's more a photo op than a match. Nice photo, though.


  1. I agree with you on Magnum's wrestling, but he's still amazing to look at. He's "of the time", but even now I find him super-sexy. And he wrestled Nikita Koloff a lot, another guy that I had a huge crush on as a kid, so he has that going for him, too.

    1. I always enjoy hearing your perspective, Alex. I'm happy we agree on Magnum.


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