Ring Wars 23

Beast vs Billy the Kid, Ring Wars 23 (Thunder's Arena)

With the release of Ring Wars 23, it may be time for me to accept that Thunder's Arena is pro wrestling. This particular match is, in fact, my wet dream of what pro wrestling should be: two sweat-drenched lookalike wrestlers, sturdily built, well matched in strength and physique, almost perpetually locked together in a life-and-death struggle.

Beast and Billy the Kid take me back to the days of early-seventies grunt 'n' groan wrestling from Florida, when professional ring wrestling first set my dick on fire. All that's missing are the hormonal screams of teenage girl fans and the unflappable deadpan commentary of Gordon Solie. I want to lock my bedroom door, turn the TV volume to low, and jerk off to the match as quietly as possible so that my parents won't break in and discover my shameful secret.

Ring Wars 23 is the closest Thunder's or any company has come to bringing to life my idealized memory of old-school wrestling. Seriously, this is it. This is what I have been jabbering about in blog post after blog post for the last eight years.


  1. I agree. Thunders' ring matches have, for the most part, been very good. The talent they've brought in for them has been beefy and beautiful with good ring skills, personalities and presence.

  2. Wow … yeah … this match is positively mouth watering … “but” … I’ve got to wait until it gets marked down or they have a sale because the download is just a bit too pricey right now.


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