Sam Houston

Sam Houston vs Johnny K9, 17 May 1987, Toronto (WWF)

The centerpiece of Houston vs K9 is a bear hug that stretches out excruciatingly for over a minute (with a short-lived escape as a kind of intermission). The hug is repaid with a clock-cleaning bulldog finisher. The match opens and closes with Sam kicking and scuffing, most impressively during his thumbs-in-beltloops entrance.

The year 1987 might have been the peak of my tall boy fixation--and I'm talking about dudes not brew. Houston was a part of that, but I saw him so rarely and so briefly on TV that he never played a large role in my fantasy life. But I did perk up every time he made an appearance and each time I made a mental note to follow his career more closely, but never got around to it. (For me, and a million others, he was overshadowed by his half-brother Jake "The Snake" Roberts.)

I picked his Toronto fight with Johnny K9 because it includes his flashy entrance and I like the closeup on the boots. But his match two years later against Barry Horowitz (in orange, another under-appreciated worker of the era) features more sweat and more suffering by Houston (in red). I'm not sure how accurate it would be to call Houston a jobber because even though he got kicked around a lot, an awful lot, he often came out on top (against Horowitz, again with a hard-blast bulldog).

Sam Houston vs Barry Horowitz, 29 January 1989, Los Angeles (WWF)


  1. We're finally on the same page. Sam Houston was one of my all-time, top five, pro wrestling crushes, back when he was a rookie protegee of Dusty Rhodes in the NWA (he had lost much of his appeal by the time he appeared in the WWF as a peroxided, counterfeit cowboy creation of McMahon's). Here's Sam in the NWA:

  2. Yea, Sam was my #1 crush in the mid 80's fulfilling what Barry Windom provided in the early 80's. His ability to give it and take it, along with those trunks that rode up all the time, made my Saturday mornings back in the day!

  3. Yes, Sam Houston fan here. I liked the over-sided boots, under-sized trunks, over-sized ambition, and under-sized muscles. I've been enjoying the Sam Houston matches popping up on YouTube lately so I'm happy to see I'm not the only one seeing them and thinking about blogging about this young buckaroo.

  4. I'm old friends with his ex-wife, 'Baby Doll' Nickla Roberts. She told me when talking about Sam that he has a 9" penis.


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