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Biff Farrell is the quintessential all-American jock, so of course BG East is not going to take it easy on him. The company's idea of "spotlighting" the hunky babyface is to stomp, stretch, wring, and clobber him in a succession of squashes, climaxing with a pas de deux with quintessential debaser of men Guido Genatto.

I would have liked to see some Biffian triumphs in the mix, but, no, probably not. BGE is not a safe or friendly space for wholesome beefcake. But Biff in agony is decidedly something to see. No cry baby, but no affectless no-sell either, Biff portrays his trials and torments in his facial expressions and body language while portraying his toughness and iron-hewn strength even in defeat.

Biff's body has bounce and durability, hard as a Wham-O Super Ball. It may be beatable, it may even beg for a slamming, but it is damn near indestructible. In this series of matches, it comes off as an unbreakable object that can withstand abuse but cannot put an end to it. Personally, I would be happy to collide with Biff for an hour each and every day. But apart from the standout whupping he gave Van Skyler last year, I have seen little of his winning or aggressive side. I am fine with that. Just look at the guy.

Biff Farrell vs. Kelly King, Wrestler Spotlight: Biff Farrell (BG East)

I bought this release on the strength of its opening match, Biff vs Kelly King. King came on strong early last year in Austin Cooper's second spotlight video. He is aggressive, confident (even brash), strong, and, for all his bully characteristics, immensely likable on camera. He's not a "pretty boy" per se, but his look and bearing strike a happy note with my genitalia. The tribal ink, the scruff, the hairy chest, the never-better physique, and let's not forget the Texas accent have an immediate impact. He's bigger than Farrell, and that's bad news for our blond hero, who is conceivably King's match in other respects. He limps, hampered by an apparent knee injury, which offers Biff  some hope.

It is an exciting pairing. Biff's patriotic trunks can barely contain all the goods it conceals. Under stress they ride up high on the hero's glutes. The long holds showcase his smooth, almost boylike upper body to great advantage. The Texan's vast pro ring experience dooms Biff from the start. Strutting and posing between tap-outs, King is mouthwateringly delicious. His assaults are brutal and, as Biff complains, dirty. Biff gets moments of control, but Kelly wastes no time in beating him back down to the mat. Officially the spotlight may be on Biff, but it's Kelly who owns the ring--and he does it sweatily and spectacularly.

Biff Farrell vs Masked Menace, Wrestler Spotlight: Biff Farrell (BG East)

In my opinion, the two end matches (first and last) make Wrestler Spotlight: Biff Farrell a must-see. The middle match is a mixed bag. It teases the possibility of a win for Biff. It's a mat match, for one thing, and Biff is built for grappling, and he has proved himself successful as a submission wrestler. For another, his opponent, Masked Menace, has an average build. He's smaller and apparently older than Biff, too. At the outset, the masked man looks like a goner. However, the first fall is a humiliating defeat for Biff. He declines to use body blows to subdue his opponent, rightly priding himself in his mat strategy and knowledge of collegiate wrestling holds. Menace, however, has no such qualms, and BGE is notoriously a Pleasure Island for cheats and dirty fighters.

"This is a wrestling match," Biff protests at one point, the words betraying the fact that this is actually an all-out brawl. When he succeeds in restraining Menace from punching and grabbing cock, his wrestling skills do give him command of his opponent. But Menace has no scruples about doing whatever it takes to win, and Biff's whiffs of glory are fleeting and few. Stripping Biff of his red-white-and-blue singlet is almost as powerful a sign of dishonor as an unmasking, which would be Biff's only recourse for such a humiliating string of tapouts. Under the singlet is a star-spangled speedo, pretty but ironically ominous; poor Biff seems unaware that patriotic colors are the BGE equivalent of the red shirt on Star Trek.

Biff Farrell vs Guido Genatto, Wrestler Spotlight: Biff Farrell (BG East)

Last year Guido ran afoul of some other gay wrestling fans for using the word "queen" in a BGE match--the offending word was cut from subsequent releases of the match, I heard. Three years ago, I expressed, at some length,  my thoughts on homophobic slurs in wrestling. I have never supported censorship, but companies should be free to edit whatever they feel is inconsistent with their corporate image or artistic vision. It's a touchy subject, and there are no pat answers. "Queen" is not a word I find any more offensive than, say, "twink" or "bear"--though the attitude behind it might be hateful (just as the innocuous word "gay" can be used meanly). I live in a state where willfully hateful laws, laws that incite violence against LGBTQ people,  are passed, containing not a single word that even the most sensitive reader would find offensive. I have used "queen" in this blog, in what I took to be a nonjudgmental, perhaps perversely positive way. If that offended anybody, I wish I hadn't. I wasn't told it did, and I doubt I would have dropped the post even if it had. People are allowed (or should be) to differ on questions like this.

That said, I'm glad the controversy did not lead to a blacklisting of Guido at BG East. Here he is, doing what he does best, what he does better than anyone else: crippling smooth-muscled babyfaces who never did anybody any wrong. I can't believe there's anybody out there who believes Biff is going to turn his luck around in this match. He does look magnificent in his colors that do not run. Even Guido has nice, commendatory words to say about his appearance ... right before he kicks him in the midsection and chokes him in a figure-four leglock. I'm not a fan of squash jobs in general, but Guido is one guy who is building my tolerance for them. The whole "Dirty Daddy" thing touches on a decades' old kink of mine. Biff, with his smooth torso and hairy legs, looks every bit like a fine young man who could use some dirtying up.

The suddenness and ferocity of the initial attack boned me up immediately. As Guido chokes Biff over the top rope, clutching his mouth teasingly close to the bulge in his fire-engine red trunks, I feel a bit weak in the knees. Guido's not the only BGE star with a near-limitless arsenal of punishing holds, but nobody takes as much undisguised pleasure in them: "I just don't wanna let go ... feels too good," he exudes, clutching Biff's square jawline with both hands, his thighs trapping our hero's smooth, cushiony midriff. His pure beastly delight in domination is a turn-on. Guido is not unaware of the erotic element in what he's doing to Biff, and from the girth of the bulge stretching the front of his patriotism, Biff is no less aware. Guido follows lightning-quick attacks (take, for example, his so-perfect-it's-shocking snapmare) with languorous, tight holds--the combination is exactly what I need to get my juices flowing. In the pro rings outside the "underground" scene, Guido has to keep the action consistently frenzied throughout in order to hold the attention of a live, easily distracted crowd. At BG East he can sustain body contact and pressure for as long as he pleases for an ever-attentive camera* and appreciative fans ... like me.

* Speaking of cameras, kudos to the cameraman for catching all those crotch shots and, especially, that one provocative crotch-to-butt closeup still playing on my retina.


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