Jessy Sorensen and Wes Brisco vs Caleb Konley and Drew Donovan, Episode 52, June 2016 (Paragon Pro Wrestling)

The challengers* can't wait to lock up with the tag team champs**, so they rush them without even a howdy-do. These are bad guys, impetuous, undisciplined, overconfident, and willing to cheat to get what they want. The furious four-way brawl ends up with Konley and Donovan tossed out of the ring, where they start bitching at each other***.

Back in the ring, the champs retain control. Sorensen pins Konley early on. Two pins are required for a championship defense. Brisco tags in and continues to work Konley's body. In a crooked move to save his partner, Donovan pulls Brisco out of the ring and brains him against the ring post. The challengers double-team Brisco out of the ring. This is a major turning point in the story. With Brisco temporarily out of the picture, Sorensen is left alone to defend the belts against two strong competitors.

The bad guys take turns beating up Jesse, but for me, the richest fantasy material arrives in the palpable friction between Sorensen and Konley, brunet vs blond, good vs evil, tough vs arrogant. Each side consists of a stud and a mega-stud. Jesse and Caleb are the studs from each team. Their one-on-one confrontations are dramatic and excellently performed. These two were created to fight each other to the death ... or for top ... one or the other. When Sorensen starts getting the better of the blondie, Caleb crawls to his corner, but Drew refuses to tag in, leaving his partner in the ring for Jesse to work over some more. Even more bad news for Konley is that Brisco is ready to re-enter the fray.

I won't give away the ending. While watching, I was thinking how cool this contest would be as an elimination match, in which both partners must be pinned, submitted, or knocked out for a win. (Even better, they must be pinned, submitted, AND knocked out.) I would have loved Sorensen-Brisco / Konley-Donovan as a modified elimination match, not based on points (the way elimination matches usually play out--I hate points systems) but on one team's success in wiping out the other. Off the top of my head, I can't remember whether I've seen a match like this. Like a lot of fantasies, it may sound better on paper than it is in practice.

* Caleb with the skull on the back of his trunks and Drew the bald brute 
** Jesse with Texas on the front of his trunks and Wes in turquoise trunks
*** The bad blood between them has been growing for a while. Drew is Caleb's "hired" backup, and he's getting tired of Caleb's shit.


  1. It sounds to me as if a Konley vs. Sorenson match would be most entertaining and they have met a few time accordingly nt to Cagematch. Oddly, I couldn't find this one.

    The closest I could find was this 3-way: 06.10.2015 Paragon Pro Wrestling PPW Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Three Way: Caleb Konley vs. Jessy Sorensen vs. Wes Brisco - No Contest
    PPW Paragon Pro TV #21 @ Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    There was a similar match about a month earlier that Sorenson won.

    1. I <3 both of them (with sorensen slightly more)

      There is a one-on-one match between them in the Fite TV app where Paragron Pro can be streamed. There is also one here:

      Caleb is sporting a new hair cut now and its glorious! =)

    2. Thank you, Anonymous. Since it's an hour-long video, can you give me a start time?

  2. This is the only Sorenson match I found in June 2016:

    29.06.2016 Wrestling For A Cause Jesse Sorensen defeats Jeff Boom
    WFC @ Park Vista High School in Lake Worth, Florida, USA

  3. In singles competition, Konley leads Sorenson 3-2.

    1. I didn't find any videos of their one-on-ones.

  4. Paragon Pro uploaded several full episodes in their youtube account including the hottest match between caleb and rudeboy. Im a sorensen fan but man, caleb is scorching! =)


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