The Agony of Tracer X

BJ Hancock vs Tracer X, Wild Card 7 (Old School Championship Wrestling)

BJ Hancock makes short work of the young am-I-cool-or-what crowdpleaser. Eight minutes from start to finish. The self-proclaimed "Future of Old School Wrestling" charges his opponent while the young hottie is standing on the ropes, welcoming the fans' adoration. Tracer evades the attack with a backflip, but his high-flying tactics are inadequate against a man of Hancock's bulk (6'2", 209#), experience (just over 10 years), and slow wear-and-tear approach to rasslin'.

Case in point and subject of today's fixation is this 20+ second chin lock by which BJ makes the little fellow exhaust himself trying to break free, which Tracer does after expending about a quarter-cup of sweat. The kid has several hope spots along the way, but this hold pretty much seals the deal, even with about three minutes remaining before the three count. (Outside interference also contributes to BJ's win, but then I'd expect that of any heel worth his salt.) The cushy-muscled Vermonter may be out of his element in Hanahan, SC (near the city of Charleston), but he obviously has Southern-style grunt'n'groan wrestling down pat.

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