Friday, September 30, 2016


Anthony Nese vs Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, CAP The Best Deception (Create a Pro Wrestling Academy)

I saw Maxwell Jacob Feinstein (19, 5'11", 216#) first over the summer on Bruno's magnificent Beefcakes of Wrestling (here and here, for starters)  I liked his look, the name a delightful mouthful, but somehow he slipped my mind for a while. Until this week, actually. The prospect of watching the then-teenager take on Tony Nese (30, 5'10", 213#), no slouch in the brawn department, drove me to this video on Max's YouTube channel. The match happened in Hicksville, New York, on November 27th, 2015.

I knew I could depend on Tony not to go easy on the baby heel, who's intimidated enough to flee the ring once he gets a close-up view of Nese's swole arms and chest. Tony's welcome-back is a hard fast slam to the center of the ring. But Feinstein is resilient, at first reversing everything the veteran throws at him. Soon as Maxwell starts feeling he's on top, though, Anthony is right there to knock him flat. These are the sweet moments I rest my eyes on today, Anthony so suave yet so merciless. (The last GIF is a spoiler. Sorry. Come to think of it, this spoiler alert is sort of a spoiler, too. I'm really, really sorry.)

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Damien Rush vs Alex Oliver, Knocked Out (Wrestler4Hire)

Damien is at his best in dark, over-the-top fetish scenarios. His performance style is far from naturalistic, somewhere between grand opera and Despicable Me. He's the Vincent Price of underground wrestling. However, as even he admits at one point, there's no wrestling in this 2016 video, just duct tape, a  bottle of chloroform, a chain, a briefcase, a glove, a folding chair, and a beautifully proportioned victim.

Occasional weapon malfunctions infuse the S&M fantasy with unintended humor (duct tape that won't bind, a chair that collapses when sat on, chloroform that sometimes lasts the distance from Alex's car to Damien's lair, sometimes only for 30 seconds or so). Damien improvises around these snafus, sometimes forced to mutter under his breath about proper back support (more essential to torture than one might think). Happily, Damien's and Alex's masculine pulchritude never fails.

In the semiotics of this match (if not all fetish narratives) smooth bodied (i.e. Alex) equates to naiveté and defenselessness, while hairy chestedness (i.e. Damien) equates to experience and aggression. What these stereotypes might reveal about the fetish subculture, I can't begin to grasp, but I suspect it would have something to do with gender inequality and heteronormativity. Just a wild guess. What I feel strongly about is that here the physical difference between our villain and victim has a strong undercurrent of eroticism. Heteronormative or otherwise, it's pretty hot.

I'd like to single out the camerawork and editing of the abduction scene for special praise. It's stellar. It carries a chilly hint of what we expect of thrillers and makes the rest of the narrative easier to believe. And Damien does a terrific job of carrying the plotline, which is 100% on his shoulders. His mannerisms and body language deliver enough menace to make Alex's predicament compelling. As for Alex, physical beauty is enough, since all he has to do is scream and swoon (see the previous paragraph).

As I've already said, what the video mainly lacks is wrestling. Since that point is conceded within the video itself, I can't really complain, though wrestling, not so much torture, is my true thing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Paragons of Wrestling

James "Rude Boy" Riley vs "The Obsession" Caleb Konley, Episode 60 (Paragon Pro Wrestling)

I'm liking what I'm seeing of Vegas-based Paragon. The wrestling's good, hard-hitting, sweaty, serious (not tongue in cheek), and the roster is full of guys I know and like from gay-targeted internet wrestling. This match features two favorites to whom I feel personally (though only fleetingly) connected: Riley, who gave a temporary boost to this blog's viewership when he cited it with some bewilderment in an interview  a few months ago, and Konley, with whom I chatted for two or three minutes after I attended my first (and long-awaited) live wrestling event several years ago. It's fun watching these guys holding nothing back. The match was broadcast earlier this month. This match starts around the 37:00 mark on the Paragon PW YouTube channel.

Caleb spends the first minute more or less in Rude Boy's armpit. From the start, Konley is portrayed as the jaded professional, and Riley, the hungry achiever (40:26).

Riley's on fire, foiling some of Konley's signature assaults by out-muscling and out-maneuvering his hairy-chested opponent (41:35).

But Caleb cannot be underestimated. He is a tenacious foe who aims not just to defeat his opponents but also to cripple them (42:58).

Rude Boy gets a taste of Konley's boot in the corner  (43:25).

A wild and reckless body slam against the turnbuckles is characteristic Paragon style. I need to go to Vegas (45:06).

Riley takes a good licking and still kicks out (48:00).

A climactic battle on the ring apron, which leads directly to the finisher. Here the two slug it out, right before Konley attempts to bash Riley's head against the edge of the ring (48:35).

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

One on One on One

Kenny Dean vs Will Favero vs Zach Reno, Every Man for Himself (Wrestler4Hire)

Dean talks too much, Favero over-sells (by a lot), and Reno distracts me with his hairy belly that practically pleads for motorboating, yet somehow all of it works. The title tells the whole gimmick. Everybody gets a chance to submit or pin everybody else till all but one is knocked out. I find it difficult to imagine this game being played straight (in any sense). Still, things get sweaty fast, and perspiration always helps, in my opinion, and a third of the way through the 22-minute free-for-all, I exterminate the bug that's up my ass and enjoy the show for what it is: goofball fun with a side of man-sexy. Somehow all three manage to stay in play to the bitter end, shooting down my expectation that the closing minutes would be a long showdown between two survivors. The match nicely represents the house style at W4H (and the personal style of the company's top dog, Cameron Matthews): TMNT-style low comedy, interspersed with innuendo and a series of strenuous holds, played for laughs, but still PG-rated hot.

Monday, September 26, 2016


Jason Carrion vs Logan Black, Warriors Unreleased Vol. 19 (Warriors of Wrestling)

Carrion is a reality TV star on a show I've never seen or previously heard of. Since the last reality TV show I watched was The Real World when it was in San Francisco, it's no surprise that I wouldn't be up on Married at First Sight. My first intro to Jason (aka Jason Kross) was a promo in which he claims James "Rude Boy" Riley is not real, which intrigued me enough to give this exhibition contest a look. Reality TV now bears the mantle of kayfabe that pro wrestling cast off, so it makes sense that there is crossover between the two.

Carrion has the right look: a powerhouse build (6'2", 238#), a high and tight haircut, and old-school black trunks, with matching brash and belligerent personality. He works up a fine quick sweat, too. It enhances his credibility that he holds his own against Logan, who looks right out of central casting, Sons of Anarchy division. I like the classic wrestling moves: armbars, side headlocks, toe twisters, rock'em-sock'em slugouts, and scary two-counts. No fancy-pants hurricanranas, no pandering to the cheap seats. The sustained body-to-body rasslin' keeps me glued till the lightning-strike tap-out finish.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Rochelle in the Marigold Speedo

Psycho Capone vs Brad Rochelle, Ulta Heels One (BG East)

Swell guy, swell wrestler, swell body, swell trunks. Orange-yellow was his color, though he wore all colors well. Psycho is seemingly unimpressed. Psycho sees only red. It wasn't Brad's first BGE rodeo, but it's early enough that you can almost see the dew behind the babyface's ears, early enough for you to figure out the boy was doomed. He was still paying his dues, and Capone was fierce about collecting the dues.

To fully appreciate the gear, you have to see the opening shot of Brad's butt as he stretches (both his muscles and the gear), still in his warmup jacket at the side of the ring ... or experience the peeling-off of said jacket inside the ring and the try-and-take-me jiggle of his pecs ... or meditate upon, my absolute favorite, his shadow boxing just before Capone makes his entrance. These would be the GIFs I'd create if I had the time and the tools.

"Well, another victim," Psycho exclaims in his Boston-tinged tenor. "The infamous one," he adds with mock respect. "Ready for another beating?" He demands that Rochelle stay in his corner while he slips off his denim jacket. Brad answers, "C'mon, Grandpa," surely making matters worse for himself. Unruffled, Psycho spit-shines his championship belt and brandishes it before the camera. Once Grandpa enters the ring, things happen fast.

The lockup has all the hot and sloppy frenzy of real wrestling competition. When Rochelle lucks into a dominant position, Psycho cravenly clings to the ropes, ordering Brad to back off and wrongly accusing the kid of pulling hair. Brad is looking confident until the big heel kicks him in the abs and pushes his face to the mat and stretches an arm backwards, oh, and headscissors him.

Psycho is a detail-oriented heel, tweaking Rochelle's nose, delivering a flapjack body slam that bounces Brad off the mat, pulling him up by a fistful of hair, wagging his tongue at the camera while choking the guy, and bracing his wrist with the other hand as he claw-holds Brad's trapezius,  his corpulent torso at times smothering the kid in pink grown-up flesh.

With Capone expertly slicing, dicing, and making julienne fries of the blossoming man-boy, Rochelle is the eye-magnet, already a superstar in trunks the color of an astronaut's breakfast drink.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

How to Fight the Devil

Tyson the Hammer vs Johnny Deep, #491 (UCW)

Of course you have a right to your opinion, but I have always sensed a bit of the devil in Johnny Deep, now back at UCW after too long an absence. I have an eye for devilry and have long thought a wrestling promotion entirely free of it unworthy of my serious attention. (Faith-based pro wrestling, not even a blip on my radar.) Deep's newly acquired goatee is but one more sign of his satanic inclinations, not that he needed the prop ... the saucy twinkle in his eyes has always been proof enough for me. Anybody this pretty is sure to spell trouble. Adopting the principle that you have to fight fire with  fire, Hammer, of course, is the man for the job: you need somebody who will punch, twist, stretch, slam, choke, and bite the devil out of somebody. He and Johnny face off in a gritty, enthusiastically mean-spirited fray that is miles of give and take, grunt and groan, and glimmering, sloppy sweat, with no time wasted on talk ... or sportsmanship. Tyson is shaping up as one of the company's big draws. He's stronger, badder, and hotter in each new match, and Johnny finds him at the top of his game, which might mean very bad news for Johnny.


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