Marco vs NJustice, Ring Wars 26 (Thunder's Arena)

Marco uses his hands, his forearm, the straps of his opponent's singlet, the ropes, his own discarded singlet, and a broom to choke his latest opponent. He attacks NJustice from behind, and for 19 minutes he makes damn sure the 190-pounder's intake of oxygen is extremely restricted. NJustice fights back as best he can--punches to the nuts seem to work for a while--but Marco is as formidable in the ring as he is on a regulation wrestling mat.

The loud constant whirring of the warehouse fans somehow adds to the tone of the Arena's ring matches. For me, anyway. The relentless din has an ominous effect, like the sound of military drones. It lends a seedy erotic effect to the proceedings, like sex on a kitchen table piled high with dirty dishes. There's just something so James M. Caine about those fans. They succeed in keeping the wrestlers from dying of heat exhaustion, but they do nothing to stop the torrents of sweat. A good thing, too.

My fascination with Marco has not worn itself out yet, and I would have thought it would by now. Bodybuilders impress me, but I'm rarely turned on by them. Marco is different. He doesn't get that geeky strained look on his face when he strikes a muscle pose, eyes bulging, lips pressed seamlessly tight, nostrils flaring. Showing off his body comes natural to him, and he keeps the lazy-cool manner of a jazz musician even under stress. I suppose it's his seemingly effortless improvisations that make me think of jazz. I don't even like jazz particularly, but I do like the cool-cat way Marco wrestles.

I'm happy to keep my distance from a lot of the wrestlers I admire and blog about, but Marco belongs to a handful I think I'd like to hang with. He's a working-class guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and takes shit from nobody. He's arrogant as fuck, but he's masterful, not pretentious or pompous. He knows his own greatness, and it's just not that big of deal for him. I like that. I like the Roman nose and jutting jaw too, among other features. This match is not a standout among his other Arena matches, but Marco himself is always outstanding.


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