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Vince vs Frank, Awesome August (PWP)

I'm all out of snark for this match. Perhaps my lust for Vince's smooth hard-tub belly has burned the last of it out of my system. For what it is, and let me remind readers it is not actual wrestling, this video hits the spot for me. The series of give and take holds, which I could swear are the same and in the same order in every recent PWP match, offers prolonged body contact, a surfeit of taut near-naked flesh pressed against taut near-naked flesh.

For me, the star of the show is Vince's torso, curvy and firm, encased in smooth olive skin that has seemingly never known a zit. Thanks to this, the non-wrestling-ness of the video is almost bearable. Frank is physically similar enough to Vince that the pairing touches on a subordinate fetish, namely brother vs brother tussles. The firm butt is a bonus, as is the aphrodisiac effect of French-speaking wrestlers. The models' cautious application of wrestling holds is a bit of a buzzkill, but it obviously is not fear of body contact. Post-match, Vince approaches Frank and bumps crotches with him--an offhanded and charming gesture that takes sportsmanship to new heights and kicks NFL's butt-patting to the curb.


  1. I was gonna post this in response to Kayfabe, but your kink for French-speaking wrestlers made me change my mind.

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