How to Fight the Devil

Tyson the Hammer vs Johnny Deep, #491 (UCW)

Of course you have a right to your opinion, but I have always sensed a bit of the devil in Johnny Deep, now back at UCW after too long an absence. I have an eye for devilry and have long thought a wrestling promotion entirely free of it unworthy of my serious attention. (Faith-based pro wrestling, not even a blip on my radar.) Deep's newly acquired goatee is but one more sign of his satanic inclinations, not that he needed the prop ... the saucy twinkle in his eyes has always been proof enough for me. Anybody this pretty is sure to spell trouble. Adopting the principle that you have to fight fire with  fire, Hammer, of course, is the man for the job: you need somebody who will punch, twist, stretch, slam, choke, and bite the devil out of somebody. He and Johnny face off in a gritty, enthusiastically mean-spirited fray that is miles of give and take, grunt and groan, and glimmering, sloppy sweat, with no time wasted on talk ... or sportsmanship. Tyson is shaping up as one of the company's big draws. He's stronger, badder, and hotter in each new match, and Johnny finds him at the top of his game, which might mean very bad news for Johnny.


  1. I love both of these guys, too. Tyson never disappoints, whether heel, face, or sexy muscle God on display. The real tragedy is that he is yet to face Eli. I am hoping that is the main event for UCW's fast approaching 500th(!) match. They are as fun as they are prolific.

  2. So is facial hair the new sign of UCW boys becoming heels? First Chase, now Johnny. I've only seen one of his matches (vs. Nick Diesel), but this evolution of Johnny sounds interesting. And I agree with Mikey and you that Tyson is great, so it's good if Johnny can push him now.

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