Mullet Monday: Mini-Mullet Edition

Karate Chris Dube and Little Cocoa vs Little Tokyo and Cowboy Cottrell, 28 December1989 (WWF)

Mullet Mondays are obviously tanking with readers (thanks for the feedback all the same), but so far I'm enjoying them. To each his own, I always say. But throw midget wrestling into the mix, and things can only get better, right? The mullet in question belongs to Karate Chris Dube in the red tights, teaming with the more experienced Little Cocoa. Their adversaries are Little Tokyo and Cowboy Cottrell.

Chris later wrestled under the name Little Kato. Four years ago Chris accused Pat Patterson (who was then in the closet) of inappropriate sexual advances around the time of this match, which the WWE vehemently denied. I prefer to think the charges against Patterson were false or mistaken, but I have to say that Chris was a hottie back in his mullet days.

Midget wrestling, in general, is better, match for match, than the standard variety. I have addressed the issue before, seven years ago, at which time I attributed the difference mostly to the low center of gravity. I think the closer proximity of arms to legs is a related factor as it lends the action a dart-like speed and precision. Midget wrestlers also sell the hell out of every move and hold. They might be represented as comic relief between more "serious" matches, but these guys are tough ... and mean.

Frat boys tossing midgets or dwarfs is not entertaining, but midgets tossing midgets is something else. Back in '89, the little wrestlers got away with stuff their big counterparts could not--consider, for instance, Little Tokyo's lewd gesture (three GIFs down) as he complains that the ref is playing favorites. The gesture means something else in context, but the crowd certainly picks up on its sexual connotation.

The match I'm talking about pops up about 18 minutes into the video (on the Richard Land channel on YouTube).


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