One on One on One

Kenny Dean vs Will Favero vs Zach Reno, Every Man for Himself (Wrestler4Hire)

Dean talks too much, Favero over-sells (by a lot), and Reno distracts me with his hairy belly that practically pleads for motorboating, yet somehow all of it works. The title tells the whole gimmick. Everybody gets a chance to submit or pin everybody else till all but one is knocked out. I find it difficult to imagine this game being played straight (in any sense). Still, things get sweaty fast, and perspiration always helps, in my opinion, and a third of the way through the 22-minute free-for-all, I exterminate the bug that's up my ass and enjoy the show for what it is: goofball fun with a side of man-sexy. Somehow all three manage to stay in play to the bitter end, shooting down my expectation that the closing minutes would be a long showdown between two survivors. The match nicely represents the house style at W4H (and the personal style of the company's top dog, Cameron Matthews): TMNT-style low comedy, interspersed with innuendo and a series of strenuous holds, played for laughs, but still PG-rated hot.


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