Paragons of Wrestling

James "Rude Boy" Riley vs "The Obsession" Caleb Konley, Episode 60 (Paragon Pro Wrestling)

I'm liking what I'm seeing of Vegas-based Paragon. The wrestling's good, hard-hitting, sweaty, serious (not tongue in cheek), and the roster is full of guys I know and like from gay-targeted internet wrestling. This match features two favorites to whom I feel personally (though only fleetingly) connected: Riley, who gave a temporary boost to this blog's viewership when he cited it with some bewilderment in an interview  a few months ago, and Konley, with whom I chatted for two or three minutes after I attended my first (and long-awaited) live wrestling event several years ago. It's fun watching these guys holding nothing back. The match was broadcast earlier this month. This match starts around the 37:00 mark on the Paragon PW YouTube channel.

Caleb spends the first minute more or less in Rude Boy's armpit. From the start, Konley is portrayed as the jaded professional, and Riley, the hungry achiever (40:26).

Riley's on fire, foiling some of Konley's signature assaults by out-muscling and out-maneuvering his hairy-chested opponent (41:35).

But Caleb cannot be underestimated. He is a tenacious foe who aims not just to defeat his opponents but also to cripple them (42:58).

Rude Boy gets a taste of Konley's boot in the corner  (43:25).

A wild and reckless body slam against the turnbuckles is characteristic Paragon style. I need to go to Vegas (45:06).

Riley takes a good licking and still kicks out (48:00).

A climactic battle on the ring apron, which leads directly to the finisher. Here the two slug it out, right before Konley attempts to bash Riley's head against the edge of the ring (48:35).


  1. I have to agree… I’ve been enjoying Paragon for a couple of years now … it has an “old school” sensibility combined with newer workers. I think most of SI readers would enjoy Paragon ..

    And the beefier Caleb with the hairy chest is a top notch heel.

  2. Two wonderfully hot wrestlers in what appears to e a magnicent match-up, one of those that I don't care who wins because it just doesn't matter.

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