Chase Michaels vs Axel, #490 (UCW)

Chase goes rogue and Axel has to up his game to meet the challenge in UCW's latest release, a championship match and a significant character arc for both competitors. This match is everything for me because it veers from the cute and funny matches UCW has lately produced back towards the hard-edge, joint-popping mayhem that once was the company's bread and butter. This is the old working-class wrestling that first won me as a fan. I can't remember the last time Axel had this tough a fight, perhaps never--the guy has grit, resilience, and a savage core that takes even a forever fan like me by surprise. The other big news, of course, is that new fan favorite Chase has turned heel. Ambition overthrows good sense and sportsmanship as he decides that no assault is too vicious and no tactic too low so long as it gets him what he wants. What he wants now is to destroy Axel, and Axel must tough up to survive and counter the onslaught of illegal moves (or they would be illegal anywhere else but UCW) and needlessly cruel and reckless blows that Chase brings to the mat. To say more would jeopardize the many surprise turns that this mesmerizing battle takes as two physical equals, comparable in balls and determination, collide. Wow oh wow oh wow!


  1. I loved it, too, Joe. And it has my favorite element in spades: sweat!

  2. See, here you are selling me on a match. :)

    Sweet Chase turns heel? Maybe that's what happens after a trip to Nero's playroom. And I think UCW needs some movement with the belt, because I feel like it's become just a meaningless prop. I don't expect Chase can win it, but I'm hoping Axel will let someone like Derrick Cole have a turn.

    All right, now I have to go and buy this match to see what happens!

    1. Wow, thanks for the reco! This was a really good match. I haven't enjoyed a UCW title match this much in a long time. Probably since Nick Diesel's rope match last year.

  3. epic match! axel finally gets challenged. chase looks like a new man. tough, aggressive. he quickly takes control. no talking. both men are focused on the fight. no cutesy stuff here. chase is ripped and sweating. great action.

  4. The belt is a meaningless prop. They should ditch it.

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