Sunday, September 4, 2016

Rough Translation

Quinn Harper vs Kevin Lin, #486 (UCW)

Kevin's English is not so good. Quinn's Chinese, even worse. But like love and music, a fight is a language to itself. Harper finds Lin's Asian manners a little too much, the polite smiling in particular. No stranger to wrestling guys with hot bodies, Quinn can find his way around Kevin's. He doesn't need to know Mandarin from Cantonese to wrestle anybody. When balls get tugged and twisted, the response is not a word to be found in any phrase book.

The language difference keeps the introduction short and sweet. The fastest way to get to know a guy is to get down and grapple with him. Knowledge of grammar and syntax is not necessary to find a man's strengths and weaknesses. The back-and-forth battle is speedy, the tables turning every minute or so, giving each wrestler a chance to work his opponent's last nerve before fate or a missed beat turns the demolisher into the demolished.

Speaking of which, I can't remember the last time Quinn had this much trouble dominating a man. Usually he takes control in the first four or five minutes, especially when the opponent is a new hire like Kevin. The outcome of this match is anybody's guess till the last minute. Lin tangles Harper up in knots. Then Harper returns the favor--then the cycle repeats till a piledriver stops somebody's clock--and, trust me, it's a piledriver that will linger in memory.


  1. Want to wrestle Kevin Lin in a brutal submission grappling match with body striking. Work over his hot body and bruise him up before choking him out.

    1. when i first saw this match, i thought this wold be a brutal submission of lin by the heal. but seeing lin flex is the opening, wow! wish they had prolonged. his chest and biceps are popping and those abs. man! i then was concerned for quinn. lin is developing into quite the competitor.

  2. ucw is delivering great matches. this is a nice one. showman quinn up against a buffed up more confident lin. lin delivers some great moves and turns the tables on quinn a few times. lin applying a backbreaker was amazing. looking forward to more from this newby and quinn.



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