10 Exemplary Tactics in Archer vs Fischer

Tristan Archer vs Peter Fischer, FFCP Tom LaRuffa Fight Challenge (Fédération Française de Catch Professionnel)

If there's a science to European pro wrestling, it draws upon the science of bullfighting, the slow, steady, cruel exhaustion of an opponent before the death blow. Pro wrestling, of course, takes actual death out of the equation and usually gives both fighters far more even odds. Both wrestlers do their best to take the steam out of the other in preparation for a quick, easy finish. The strategy is not unique to Europe, but my examples are. In this match from August, we see Archer and Fischer, both French, longtime rivals, demonstrating how it's supposed to be done. (Spoiler ahead.)

Take out both elbows.

Go American: slug it out.

Or go French: the classic head butt.

More head trauma--to that glorious chin, too.

Let the ropes do the work for you.

Don't just slam the guy. Give the move some punctuation at the end.

Pull out an old heel move, borrowed from every schoolyard catfight ever: raking the fingernails down the face.

Take out the spine.

All right, admittedly not a tactic, not even a wrestling move, but a splendid moment all the same.

I'm becoming a fan of the body slam as I now see it as more a credible fight tactic than just a perfunctory part of rasslin' choreography.

The sudden, elegant, and lethal comeuppance.


  1. Clément Petiot is quickly rising to be one of my faves!


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