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Zach Reno vs Alex Oliver (Wrestler4Hire)

Hairy stud Zach takes a break from putting other wrestlers over and wrings, tromps, and batters jobber Alex nonstop in this 20-minute video. I don't think I can translate these guys' appeal, for me, into words. As pro wrestlers, they are uncommonly gifted in selling their opponents' holds. Zach relentlessly works over Alex's smooth and photogenic body with the cool calm of a poacher skinning a snared rabbit. Alex's pain means nothing to him; the guy's just another jobber to beat up. The callousness of the relentless assault is what gives me goosebumps.


  1. I don't see this match on their website?

    1. It is listed on the Videos4Sale page as "Alex Oliver vs Zach Reno." As far as I can tell,it's not currently listed on the Member Videos page.

  2. Again, I like Zach here, but he's better at BGE.


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